The perks of working for an ISP

The perks of working for an ISP at the cutting edge of connectivity


Telecommunications is a highly competitive industry and the players have to do all they can to keep relevant and competitive. Products and service offerings are not sufficient to sustain their existence. For BitCo, that is just a portion of what makes them a leading Internet Service Provider. A major contributor to their success as a connectivity leader, comes from the efforts they make when seeking for talent. Of course – talent retention is also just as important as acquiring it.


What does BitCo offer to their Employees?


BitCo’s passion for connectivity does not end with their clients. In fact, they believe that charity begins at home. Ensuring the happiness of their employees is what has kept them going for over a decade now. In addition to the recommended pension funds and paid leave benefits, BitCo employees enjoy a number of other perks.


Health and Wellness Matters


A healthy body and mind is an absolute priority for the company. A wellness consultant visits bi-weekly and fresh fruit gets delivered daily. Not many companies recognise the value of every single employee but for BitCo, every anniversary is worth celebrating – the celebrant receives a gift and of course, a special mention in communications.


Gaming and Relaxation


One of the things that stands out in the company is the gaming station in the canteen area. The station has two large screens where employees can play PS4 games, Xbox and Nintendo Wii during breaks. The chill area is complemented by free popcorn and beverages. Every so often, the BitCo family unwind with a good old braai and a fully funded year end function to rejoice achievements annually.


As if that’s not enough, BitCo has an internal creed system that is used as means of recognition for employees. No matter how small or large an act, it deserves some form of recognition. The employees receive tokens of appreciation for sharing their knowledge, communicating, portraying integrity and for living their values that benefit others.


Keeping employees motivated helps BitCo to maintain good relations internally as well as with their clients.


Does your ISP take care of its people?

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