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Revolutionise your business Fibre connectivity. Speeds up to 1,000Mbps.

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Taking on greater heights to bring your business connectivity. Speeds up to 100Mbps.

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Voice solutions that work. You make the call.

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That’s why we bring your business affordable, reliable, high speed connectivity.

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Business Fibre

Inspire your business with Uncapped and Uncontended business Fibre

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Business Wireless

Revolutionise the way your business connects with Wireless connectivity

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Business Voice

Tailor-made and uncompromised VoIP and PBX solutions for your business

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BitCo coverage map. Does your business fall within our coverage area?

Independent, licensed tier 1 Telecommunications provider.


Established in 2006, BitCo have been perfecting business optimised last mile Internet and telephony services for a decade. BitCo is a national licensed tier 1 Internet and telephony provider. This means they are independent of any third party suppliers to deliver electronic communications over their private Fibre optic and Wireless last mile network. BitCo built and maintains their entire network which spans across South Africa. BitCo provides services directly to businesses, small and large, and allow resale and wholesale options.

06 March, 2017


BitCo_Why VoIP Is a Practical Solution for Business


Why VoIP Is a Practical Solution for Business

Voice over Internet Protocol’s (VoIP) performance as a technology depends on who you ask – some have had better experiences than others, but for the longest time it’s been infamous for bad quality, dropped calls, and unreliable service.


23 Feb, 2017




BitCo launches Uncapped Wireless DSL Connectivity

WDSL is an entry level alternative to their standard premium Wireless connectivity solutions. WDSL provides smaller businesses with a basic quality broadband connection and an opportunity to connect to BitCos’ secure, robust and private Network.


03 Feb, 2017




How WiFi is Enabling the Mobile-Office Revolution

Today’s largest and most in-demand segment of employees are operating in a vastly different digital landscape than they would have only ten years ago. The nine-to-five workday has given way to the demands of an always-on lifestyle.