The Evolution of Technology – Episode 7

Automation to AI Part 2: The Future

We may have reached the final instalment in our series, but, the evolution of technology is far from over.

As we have seen so far (in case you’re just tuning in, read our series recap, the evolution of man and technology are interdependent. We use tech to progress and as we progress we need new tech. In this episode, we’re taking a look at what technological developments are already underway, and what (we predict) is still to come.

The age of Information and what it will bring

Technology Today

You’d be hard-pressed to find a business today that doesn’t rely on the Internet to operate. Email, VoIP , and the Cloud enable unprecedented levels of business efficiency.

In 2010 Finland became the first country to declare Internet access as a legal right (BBC).

Our personal lives are no different. We rely on the Internet, and the Internet of Things (IoT ), for just about everything. From social media and instant messaging, monitoring our fitness and managing our schedules to home automation and surveillance. The list is virtually endless.

Our Future: Harnessing the power of information

Our use of apps and other systems has resulted in an enormous amount of captured data. Until recently, we’ve really only been monitoring information and reviewing the collated results as a basis to make our decisions with machine automation is based on a set of pre-programmed “if-then” statements.

Artificial Intelligence

Now we’re beginning to exploit machine capabilities; allowing robots to analyse information and take action autonomously. This simulation of human intelligence processes such as learning, reasoning, and self-correction is known as artificial intelligence (AI).

AI can identify patterns in Big Data more efficiently than humans, predict outcomes, and react independently.

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