Intrusion Detection System


Intrusion Detection System


BitCo runs a vigilant Intrusion Detection System for increased visibility on the network to increase security, threat prevention and thus enhance user experience.


An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a device or software application which identifies threats on or to the network. It analyses whole packets (header and payload) and thus the behaviour of data on the network. When the IDS identifies a known event (something suspicious) it generates an electronic log report. This report details the event and is sent to a management station. Typically in the form on an email to the network administrator.


Information attained from the IDS report helps management teams to expose security violations, infections, unauthorised behaviour, problems with security policies or configuration and susceptibility to information leakage.


As an IDS acts as network surveillance, it often sits off to the side for the best vantage to monitor traffic at many different points.


At BitCo we use FirewallsIntrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems for the protection of all our subscribers and in order to uphold our guaranteed 99% uptime.


Find our more about Secure Connectivity.



Our Promise:


We strive for technical leadership through innovation.


This is why we only offer premium services. We’re committed to creating electronic communication solutions that show case the technology’s true potential. It’s not just about having an Internet connection.


For us, it’s about having the best Internet connection.


Our services are optimised for small, medium and large businesses throughout South Africa. They can be purchased directly from us, via a reseller or on a wholesale basis.

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