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Fibre to the home technology

In a digital-based world, one of the things that are most important is having a steady, safe and reliable internet connection, because this ultimately affects all of your digitally-based tasks. A slow internet connection can not only be frustrating but can negatively impact many aspects of your life, including your work. Not being able to connect to a fast internet connection when you need to is a problem. Luckily for us, technology has advanced so much in the last few years that we now have access to the fastest, most reliable internet connection there has ever been; known as fibre technology.

Fibre technology is the latest and greatest in internet technology. It makes use of several small optical fibres to make up a fibre optic cable. These cables make use of these small glass fibres to transmit data. Each fibre optic cable consists of a bundle of glass fibres, each of which transmits messages modulated into light waves. Fibre technology is known as the fastest and most advanced internet technology to date. Here are a few ways in which fibre is better than other types of connectivity:

  • Speed: Fibre technology is the fastest internet technology on the market today. This is due to the fibre optics used to transport data via light signals. Fibre is much faster than any other kind of internet connection, including copper cables, meaning that your connection will always be of the highest quality. 
  • Reliability: Fibre is the most durable and safest internet technology available today. It is safe from environmental challenges like rain or lightning storms, and any other damage done by the environment. It is also safe from theft, unlike copper cables are often stolen for its value. Fibre technology is also not affected by other radio frequencies and signals. All of these external influences can heavily affect your connection signal. 
  • Environmentally-friendly: fibre optic technology is environmentally-friendly. Copper reserves are drying up, but the materials used to make fibre cables can never run out. 
  • Users: more devices and users can be connected to one single fibre connection without a drop in connection quality or signal strength. This is a great feature for big families and businesses.
  • The setup and installation of a fibre line are quick, easy and hassle-free. 

There are many different fibre packages available, and the package suitable to you depends on your internet connection needs. If you require a home connection, a fibre to the home package would be suitable for you. Fibre to the home (also called fibre to the premises), is the installation of a fibre connection with the use of a fibre cable from a central point directly to your home. 

Fibre to the home speeds vary depending on your specific needs, and there are many different packages available to choose from, which your internet service provider will be able to assist you with. Home connection speeds generally don’t have to be as fast as the connection speeds of businesses. The general fibre to the home speed is between 20 to 200 megabits per second (Mbps), whereas some fibre business speeds can go as high as 10Gbps. Before you choose the speed of your fibre to the home connection, you will need to know what you will use your internet connection for. If you are going to use the internet connection for general internet browsing, checking emails, doing research and the such, you won’t need a high speed. However, if you intend on working from home and accessing the cloud regularly, uploading and downloading big files, streaming series and movies, and using the connection for online gaming, then you will require a connection speed that is much higher. You also need to consider how many devices will use the home fibre connection as this will affect your connection speed. 

You may think that surely if a home fibre connection is this great, it must cost a lot of money? This is where you may be mistaken. Fibre to the home packages are not that expensive; in fact, they are very accessible and affordable, depending on the internet service provider that you go with. So before choosing a fibre to the home package, you need to do some research on your chosen internet service provider. Look at some of their online reviews, and make sure you understand all the costs involved.

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