BitCo Cares is making a difference – one meal at a time


BitCo Cares is making a difference – one meal at a time

For BitCo Cares, It’s not just about making a difference for a couple of seconds, minutes or hours. It’s about adopting making a difference as a lifestyle. The team thrives off seeing a smile on each and every face they make contact with by giving something that adds value to their life. The society in which the company operates is their very lifeblood.


Beyond BitCo’s high speed internet services, is their passion to serve others. Whilst most companies and individuals wait for the 18th of July to celebrate the Icon Nelson Mandela was and still is, BitCo Cares makes it their business to see to it that the man at the street corner receives a definite meal – at least once a day.


On early Friday mornings, BitCo Cares members gather up in their canteen to butter bread, cut up on fillings, to make tantalising sarmies for that little boy who stands on William Nicol with his mother on a cold winter morning. The team’s outbound members then load the sandwiches into their cars to hand out on their way to see clients. This act of kindness is one of many that the team initiates to lend a helping hand.


In addition to the sandwich run, BitCo Cares also hands out blankets to the homeless and the needy and offers their time and sustainable resources to care shelters. One would wonder how they manage to provide high end services to their clients and still manage to find resources and time to help others. It’s every employee’s commitment to make any kind of contribution – from canned food, toiletries, buying internal raffles, bringing clothing and linen. The list is endless. Their selflessness is truly inspiring.


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