Join the Wireless Revolution!

Welcome to the Wireless Revolution! BitCo Completes extensive Wireless network upgrade and introduces new Wireless pricing.

As Wireless Internet service providers scramble to outshine each other with low-cost data deals, one provider is choosing to rebuild its Wireless network as well as attack high connectivity costs directly at the source. BitCo, a leading ISP has completed work on a carrier-grade Wireless network to rival the very best.

BitCo, established in 2006 and operating under IECNS and IECS licenses since 2011, and a member of the Wireless Access Providers’ Association, have just completed an impressive upgrade to a large proportion of their Wireless network. This will guarantee increased redundancy, better quality of service and an unsurpassed Internet and Telephony experience for all their business Wireless subscribers.

“Our ambition is to deliver excellent Internet and telephony solutions through constant innovation,” explains BitCo Chief Executive Officer Jarryd Chatz. “That’s why we’ve chosen to re-build certain high-sites from the ground up. Stability was a problem prior to the upgrade. This was due, in part, to capacity limitations on both backhaul radios as well as the fibre, old equipment, power and batteries.”

Over the past several months, BitCo has spared no expense to upgrade their Wireless Network with all selected sites being upgraded to new bigger Ciena switches, Netonix power over ethernet switches, backup battery power and higher capacity SIAE backhaul radios. The new radios do not only provide higher through put, but also self-modulates under severe weather conditions to provide reliable connectivity. Add to this, BitCo invested in an additional 10Gbps backhaul to provide relief on the networks’ congestion.

Some strategic sites throughout the Northwest, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Cape town have been upgraded with Radwin (Carrier Grade) point to multi-point radios as well to deliver up to 100Mbps speeds per customer. These improvements have been implemented with future growth in mind, having paved the road to deliver even faster and more reliable Wireless solutions, as the equipment installed is easily upgradable.

With an overwhelming amount of connectivity offers available in the South African marketplace, Wireless Internet consumers have been bombarded with messages surrounding unbelievable promotions and specials. Chatz believes that these ‘amazing deals’ fail to address the infrastructure challenges preventing most South Africans from accessing reliable and cost-effective Internet. BitCo is addressing these challenges with such upgrades that have just taken place.

Chatz concludes that the upgrades will go a long way towards solving consumers’ practical Wireless connectivity challenges: “The new, improved network will allow our subscribers to enjoy the increased efficiency, stability, as well as peace of mind, thanks to our signature guaranteed 99% up time.”

Following the upgrade, BitCo Telecoms has announced new Wireless packages covering their Radwin areas. They have slashed standard Wireless pricing, in some cases by up to 70% over the term.

  • 10Mbps: R1,999.00 per month (Installation only R999)
    • Was R2,499 pm. Save R500 pm
    • Includes 5 standard Virtual PBX extensions
  • 20Mbps = R2,499.00 (Installation only R999)
    • Was R3,499 pm. Save R1,000 pm.
    • Includes 10 standard Virtual PBX extensions
  • 30Mbps = R2,999.00 = (Installation only R999)
    • Was R3,999 pm. Save R1,000 pm
    • Includes 15 Virtual PBX extensions
  • 50Mbps = R3,499.00 = (Installation only R999)
    • Was R4,999 pm. Save RR1,500 pm
    • Includes 20 standard Virtual PBX extensions

*Any existing wireless customers can upgrade with Free Installation.
*Pricing excludes VAT.

All these Wireless packages are a concentrated blend of BitCo’s highly reliable, uncapped, business optimised Internet. The bandwidth carries a small 1 : 3 (local and international) contention, it is asynchronous.

The packages further include an option of 24/7 round-the-clock support 365 days per year for only R250 per month with options to add a managed router, voice channels and additional virtual PBX services.

As stocks are limited, BitCo is offering this promotional deal on a first-come, first-serve basis to new customers and as an upgrade option for existing customers.

For this promotional Wireless pricing and to check coverage please visit: 
For Wireless sales enquiries please e-mail or call 087 135 0000.

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