Why Your Phone System Needs VoIP in 2020

With the changing nature of communication, decisions you make now could make the difference between success and failure or future profit and loss. 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows communication between phones, computers, and other devices that have an Internet connection and has a range of uses. Although the technology is not new, its applications have evolved, and the Internet has advanced to meet the needs of businesses. Presently, its benefits are more apparent, and its application has become more widely accepted. 

VoIP in 2020 has and is expected to have exciting developments, and now is the time to make the switch. 

Who Uses VoIP? 

Small and Medium Business enterprises (SMBs) are implementing VoIP because of its cost saving and more efficient, consistent, and practical communication features. VoIP supports multiple communication platforms and is the perfect choice for replacing outdated legacy and twentieth-century phone systems. If Dell, the tech giant is using it, it is time to explore how your business may benefit from VoIP as well. 

Why Choose VoIP? 

First impressions count and deciding on a phone system will affect the way you interact with clients and may have a bearing on how your business is perceived. Deciding to switch over must be a strategic decision and form part of future business plans. 

Remote workers will be more connected 

A critical benefit of a VoIP system is that it allows all employees to use the same phone system, wherever they are. Whether workers are in the office, working remotely, or on the road, the only requirement for using VoIP is an Internet connection. 

Future-Proof Your Business 

The future of telecommunications promises to be very different from the present. For example, communications giant BT is switching off all ISDN communications in 2025. This makes VoIP, needing only an Internet connection to function, an exceedingly viable and sensible choice for your future communication system. Locally, it is reported that Telkom is decommissioning its old copper network as part of its future strategy.  

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Bring reliability to your Telecoms 

VoIP is far less prone to call failures due to a more reliable connection, a major benefit of moving away from traditional telephone systems. A VoIP installation also takes seconds to install if there is an effective Internet connection and does not need a physical wire to transmit information.  

VoIP offers the seamless integration of communication platforms for businesses. With the increasing utilisation of unified communication, a business and marketing concept related to the integration of enterprise communication services, VoIP is the ideal choice. Unified communication services include instant messaging, voice, mobility features and presence information. Moving calls between devices such as a desk and mobile phone and video conferencing in real time are examples of the platforms that increase business communication effectiveness.  

2020 will see the mobilisation of 5G networks globally and it is estimated that a 25% increase of mobile data traffic will use 5G networks by 2024. 5G will undoubtedly change the way businesses communicate and it is safe to assume that switching to a communications system that only requires an Internet connection to function effectively is the wisest choice. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also transform communications in the future. Choosing a VoIP system will allow a fully integrated system with cloud-based AI. This means that phone calls may be handled by auto-attendants or specifically re-routed to maximise the efficiency of busy employees. Cloud-based AI will analyse and collect data about phone calls and interactions with clients providing invaluable data to maximise productivity and determining how to make improvements. 

VoIP: The Smart Choice 

VoIP is a growing technology increasingly being adopted by everyone wishing to future-proof their communication systems. VoIP allows the integration of a range of applications that can be adapted to suit the specific needs of all businesses. VoIP makes phone calls more reliable and increases the efficiency of workers. VoIP is clearly the best choice to future-proof your business.  

Take your business connectivity guide to find the perfect solution for your business! 

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