Why you should be able to administer your own Voice/Data solutions.


Building the business case: Why you should be able to administer your own Voice/Data solutions.


Leave the technology to the techies, or do it yourself? We explore the benefits of managing your own voice solutions.


When it comes to voice solutions today, VoIP in particular, the paradigm seems to be that the technology available is so “next-gen” you wouldn’t be able to administer the service yourself. At least not without a full time IT department at your beck and call. Right? Wrong. The answer was obtained by WhichVoIP.co.za, a directory website containing a comprehensive list of South Africa’s top VoIP providers.


Several representatives in the supply chain of BitCo, leading national Telco, ISP and IP PBX supplier, were interviewed. Their rationale is quite clear. It’s very easy to do and it saves you time and money. You should be able to take the reins and enjoy the flexibility of what a quality PBX, Voice, Internet & Connectivity provider can offer.


KwaZulu Natal branch manager for BitCo, Richard Talbot states his case concisely. “Cost saving, no more costly call out fees. Quick, changes are made from your computer in real time. Control and Security, the peace of mind that no-one else is able to make changes.”


Talbot’s sentiments are echoed throughout BitCo’s various departments. From the support desk Leonard Manong & Jaco van Niekerk favour the control and security benefits. Manong points out that being in control allows you to differentiate between good and bad traffic as well as understand more about the traffic on your network. Van Niekerk agrees adding that this then allows you to avoid abuse on your network.


In the Interconnect department, manager James Farnell takes a holistic view of the business benefits. “Being able to change your own firewall, speed, throttling of users and restrict certain websites can save the company time and effort. This is a major business advantage”. He continues, “The ability to monitor your network allows you isolate problems and thus escalate it to the service provide quickly and effectively. Saving crucial time on diagnosis for faster resolution.” Farnell concludes citing the financial benefits, “Online Telephone Management systems enable you to pull accurate, real-time reports on telephone usage. This can be by department or extension – almost any parameter you wish. The data can be used to create a cost analysis and further allows you to make live changes to reduce unnecessary spend immediately.”


This view is shared by Morne Minnaar, BitCo’s Client relationship specialist, “From a client’s perspective it is of great benefit to be able to make sure that your staff aren’t making international calls on your dime. You decide who can phone where. You can log in and change it yourself.” He humorously refers to systems which do not offer these benefits as “Old-School” and empathises with customers’ frustrations of needing to first obtain a quote for a call-out, then schedule the call-out and patiently wait until someone visits your premises to add a new feature to your PBX.


The freedom and flexibility of being able to administer your own solutions benefits members of the channel as well. Resellers of telephony and Internet solutions can monitor their client’s usage for hassle-free billing. “Providers who can successfully allow the customer reasonable control over their networks and save them money at the same time, change the perception and complexion of IP systems. Saving costs is key.” Says Channel Account Manager Mvelo Ramba. He concludes, “There are only a handful of Providers who offer this service. Leading providers train their customers not only on the use of their systems, but also the maintenance and administration of their systems. In this manner, the customer always gets what they want, when they want and how they want as they are now in control.


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