Why VoIP Is a Practical Solution for Any Business


Why VoIP Is a Practical Solution for Business


Voice over Internet Protocol’s (VoIP) performance as a technology depends on who you ask. Some have had better experiences than others, but for the longest time it’s been infamous for bad quality, dropped calls, and unreliable service.


That’s an unfortunate consequence of badly designed Local Area Networks (LAN’s) and the severe lack of Internet bandwidth that has been unavailable to businesses in South Africa. Fortunately, local Fibre for business and high-speed Wireless initiatives have completely changed the last mile dynamic, and that’s exactly why it’s time for you to consider or reconsider VoIP.


Streamlined, integrated communication is great for keeping employees in contact with colleagues and customers – whether they’re at their desks, in transit, on-site, or at home. VoIP’s largest crutch is that it requires a reliable, high-speed, low latency Internet connection. This made it untenable for most businesses who simply couldn’t afford dropped calls or poor voice quality. That was never going to be considered an acceptable reason a conference call was cancelled, or a customer wasn’t given the service they deserve.


But now, thanks to the speeds at which Fibre for business and modern Wireless technologies can deliver data, without fault or massive dips in performance, VoIP is the obvious choice for any business that values mobility and integration with the always-on world.


Without VoIP and an Internet connection capable of delivering it reliably and at an acceptable quality, you’re at a serious disadvantage – facing competitors with more productive staff, cheaper operational costs, and more avenues for expansion.


Whereas it was once seen as a risk to adopt VoIP as a mode of communication, not using VoIP as the daily communication driver is now the riskier prospect. Your customers and clients have undoubtedly embraced it, shouldn’t you?

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