What every business should have if they want to achieve the ultimate connectivity

Running a business in today’s time has never been easier. There are so many different tools and solutions to problems that we would have struggled with a few years ago, and this is all thanks to the advances in technology. One of the most important elements of a successful business is a reliable and fast internet connection. If you think about it, without quality connectivity, your business would fail, because no business today can function without an internet connection. It is your job as a business owner to find the best business solutions to ensure your business runs optimally at all times. And one of the best business solutions available today is business Fibre connectivity.

Business Fibre is the best solution to your business connection needs. It is the fastest growing internet connection technology available today. Business Fibre is different from other connectivity types because of advanced technology, Optic Fibre. Optic Fibre transfers data at the speed of light through the use of glass. Basically, data signals are transferred using glass and light, hence transferring data ‘at the speed of light’. Fibre cables are advanced because they transfer data so fast. Fibre lines can range between 10Mbps and can go as fast as 1000Mbps. The faster the line speed, the more expensive your Fibre package will be. However, it is the fastest and most reliable internet connectivity solution available today.

Another important aspect of running a successful, connected business, is a steady and reliable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. Gone are the days of traditional phone calls – this is just not productive and beneficial to any business, and therefore, many businesses are switching to VoIP technology. VoIP transfers phone calls via an internet connection and not a traditional phone line. VoIP takes analogue audio signals and converts them to digital data. VoIP is a lot cheaper than traditional telecommunication networks because you use your business Fibre connection to run your calls as well. Voice over Internet Protocols is also of much higher quality, especially when you want to communicate internationally.

In addition to a VoIP system, you should also consider an IP PBX or virtual PBX system for your business. An IP PBX system is a system used by businesses that connect telephone extensions to the public switched telephone network and provides internal communication for the business. The IP connectivity of the Private Branch Exchange also provides additional audio, video or instant messaging communication. An IP PBX system creates internal and external connections between users, provides one number that external callers use, distributes calls between employees, offers customised business greetings, manages calls, places calls on hold, plays music while callers wait, records voice messages and transfers calls between employees internally.

A virtual PBX system is different from an IP PBX system in that it is basically a budget-friendly version of IP PBX. It is more suitable for smaller businesses with fewer employees and therefore a low-volume of telephone traffic. An IP PBX system is hosted in-office, where a virtual PBX system is hosted off-site and is accessible via a user web portal. Both systems are similar in what they offer, with the biggest difference being that one is hosted on-site, and the other hosted offsite and managed virtually.

All of the above business solutions offer a business the best opportunity at success. When all of these tools are combined, it makes running your business that much easier and smoother. It creates a more streamlined business operation, it removes any frustration from employees, which makes them happier and more productive, and it is easier to manage and maintain. Your employees will have everything they need to be productive and successful at their jobs, and it will give you peace of mind knowing that all of your important connectivity protocols are hosted and managed under one roof.

BitCo offers a variety of business solutions including business Fibre, Voice over Internet Protocol systems, Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IP PBX) solutions and virtual PBX systems. We help you focus on building your business, while we keep you connected.

Take our online connectivity guide to find the perfect solution for your business!

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