Unshaped Fibre

What does Shaped and Unshaped Fibre internet access mean?

There are many internet service providers today that offer a variety of internet connection packages, including Fibre, broadband, Wireless and ADSL. The competition to supply the best packages, that offer the best service, at the cheapest price is right. And some internet providers will take shortcuts to offer the best service at a lower price in order to get more sales. One way that these internet providers are cutting corners is by shaping and throttling your line, without openly making you aware of it. That is why it is always important to check your terms and conditions before signing any agreements. Uncapped and unshaped Fibre is your best option.

So what is a shaped line?

Shaping will usually occur on heavy protocols such as torrenting, downloading and/or (excessive) streaming. This is done so that you can still enjoy the “full” speed of your Internet connection when browsing the web, emailing, chatting on social media and so on. Your line speed is technically reduced but is only noticeable on application that has heavy bandwidth requirements.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of a shaped Fibre line. The advantages include:

  • No unknown or additional costs. If your line is being shaped, you know exactly what the costs of your usage will be and you won’t be surprised by unexpected costs from exceeding your data limit.
  • No connection interruption. Even if you reach your data limit, you will still have access to the internet, it will just be a bit slower than usual. So you will never get stuck not having access to the internet. So you will still be able to perform important tasks like accessing your email and do research.
  • It is cheaper. Internet service providers offer capped and shaped plans to reduce costs and make Fibre more affordable.
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There are also some disadvantages to shaped Fibre lines. These include:

  • Limited access to certain internet usages. Some of your heavier internet usages will be shaped, meaning that you will experience slower connection when performing certain tasks like streaming movies or videos, updating your software, access your desktop remotely, or gaming. If you work from home and rely on any of the above in your job, you may want to look at an unshaped Fibre line.
  • In order to prevent your Fibre line of being shaped, you will need to monitor your internet usage on an ongoing basis. This can become quite frustrating and time-consuming.
  • It can become expensive. Not having your line-shaped and reaching your data usage limit can incur extra costs that you are not expecting. A shaped Fibre leans means you will not incur any additional unexpected costs.

Having a capped or shaped Fibre line essentially means that your internet access will be slower toward the end of the month versus the beginning of the month when you are still far from reaching your usage limit. If you want to avoid the frustration of having your Fibre line-shaped or capped, then you need to opt for an uncapped, unshaped Fibre package from your chosen Fibre service provider.

An uncapped, unshaped Fibre line gives you constant, reliable and fast access to the internet at all times, meaning that you will experience no drop in your connection speed and you will have access to fast and reliable internet at all times.

BitCo offers only uncapped and unshaped Fibre lines. We do not shape or throttle any of our lines, and we do not offer capped Fibre packages. We also offer 24/7 365 days service and assistance, and all of our packages are month-to-month, so you don’t need to be forced into a long-term contract.

Check your home coverage here and let us help you guide you into which Home Fibre line you should be using!

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