What does fast internet mean these days?

The days of dial-up internet are gone, thank goodness! If you look back at where internet connection started and how technology has evolved in the last years into the various different fast internet connections, It is astonishing to see just how far we have come and how being connected has become a daily necessity, not just in our personal lives, but in business as well.

These days, the faster the internet connection, the better. Luckily, technology has advanced so much that lightning speed internet connection is now a possibility for households and businesses. DSL or Digital Subscriber Lines deliver internet over landlines and were built for voice, not data. The maximum speed of an ADSL line is approximately 7 Mbps. Cable internet delivers internet over lines that were built for television. Speeds generally average between 12Mbps and 50Mbps.

Fibre optics internet is the fastest solution that exists today, and it is available in residential and business areas. There are several different internet speed deals available to both, but generally, a business Fibre internet connection speed is much faster and more premium than that available to residential areas. This is because a business would require that staff have access to trustworthy and reliable internet connection, with premium security and many other features that a home internet connection would not need.

Lines with speeds of between 50mbps and 200mbps is also perfect for home use and is the most popular option for fast internet at home. This internet line can handle three to five devices connected at once and is generally used to download media-rich data, real-time cloud connection, HD streaming, emails, general social media use, Voice of Internet Protocol calls and video chats.

Internet lines with speeds between 50mbps – 1Gpbs is more suited to for business internet solutions due to the fast speed and premium features. These lines are useful for multiple data-intensive devices, media-rich data downloads at high speeds, HD streaming by multiple users, real-time cloud connection, email, browsing, social media, VoIP calls and high-quality video calls.

Before you sign up for an internet and data deal, make sure you understand the support that you will receive from the Fibre Internet Service Provider.

There are many things to consider before committing to an internet service provider. We suggest looking at the different packages and finding the one most suited to your requirements and pocket.

Take our online connectivity guide to find the perfect solution for your business!

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