VoIP systems improve business reputation

A good reputation is an asset which assists in attracting and retaining talented employees and customers. It also enables business to endure crises, and to positively impact the attitude of stakeholders. Companies use their reputations to establish uniqueness and diversity contend with trends such as globalisation, product commoditisation, and digitalisation. Specifically, a business’s reputation will affect its opportunities and performance.

Few companies seem to manage their reputation adequately mostly due to a lack of understanding of its dynamic nature and the need to develop a positive reputation constantly and deliberately. It is a difficult task which requires gaining the trust of a variety of stakeholders through an ongoing process of internal and external alignment and effective communication.

Businesses can improve their reputation in a variety of ways such as dealing with complaints professionally and offering quality services and products and establishing proper communication channels and response strategies.

A VoIP system can greatly enhance the availability and responses of front-line staff and serve as a conduit to increase the reputation of any business. For example, VoIP can can boost customer satisfaction and thus brand image. VoIP allows a company to relate to stakeholders on a personal level within a reasonable budget.

The rapid growth of VoIP systems and their features have made them the number one choice for many businesses around the world. However, many businesses still do not realise that VoIP is more than just a telephone system and that it can be used to improve the company positioning in the market and increase leads and sales.

Increased conversation

It has been established that communication is the key business success. Although many business owners believe that online channels are the best way to reach out to their clients, research indicates that telephone outreach is more effective. VoIP, as an advanced telephone system allows call clients no matter where they are at a low-cost rate. Thus, VoIP enables active engagement with clients and keeping them interested in a brand at reduced costs.

Increased customer satisfaction

Customers expect their problems to be solved and their questions to be answered. If customers are sent from pillar to post or phone calls are not handled professionally, their level of satisfaction decreases, and the company’s reputation suffers. The in-house handling of calls will allow companies to provide the level of service and expertise needed to improve customer experiences. Customers have grown accustomed to instant responses and need to reach needed information or services immediately without having to wait on hold listening to poor quality music.

VoIP offers advanced features to increase customers satisfaction, such as auto-attendance, greeting messages, queue management, out-of-hours call handling, and customised on-hold music. These features ensure that clients reach the right agent or needed information without unnecessary delays.

Local calls

By using a cloud-based VoIP system, companies can enjoy budget-friendly costs and allow customers to call without incurring international charges. VoIP allows the choice of any geographical number regardless of where the company is located. This feature allows companies to expand their area of work by having different telephone numbers with the area code of different locations, giving a business a local appeal among new clients and increase sales in new areas.

Additionally, VoIP allows a free-of-charge number at an affordable rate, enabling clients to reach companies no matter where they are located without incurring long-distance charges. This will enhance your business reputation in the market and increase your customers satisfaction leading to more sales.


VoIP offers many useful features like ‘call hunting’ that facilitate daily communication and enable those employees who work remotely or are traveling to be reached easily by their clients. A VoIP system allows the transfer of an incoming call to a mobile number, a landline, or even a voicemail, or broadcasting an incoming call to many different numbers at the same time until it is answered. These features maximise availability and improve relationship with clients.

voip CTA

Tracking advertisements and websites

The success of an advertisement’s conversion rate can be tracked by adding multiple numbers to a VoIP system. Different advertisements with varying numbers allow businesses to determine which advertisement resulted in the most calls. Thus, demographic research can be conducted while providing great customer service. This is thus not only beneficial to expand geographical reach and build trust with clients in different locations but also to track the success of advertisements.

As with advertisements, a customer’s journey on a website can be analysed to determine which page is most successful in getting users to contact the company by placing different telephone numbers on the top of each page.

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