The importance of internet access in the news and media industry

In today’s digitally dominated world, a steady and stable internet connection is a basic requirement in any job, in any industry. In fact, without internet access, very few of us will be able to complete our daily tasks at work, and therefore, internet access is a must-have, not a luxury. However, the quality of the internet at your workplace can make all the difference when it comes to your staff’s productivity. One of the industries that rely on a high-quality, fast and secure internet connection is the industry of news and media. If you think about it, how would we be aware of what goes on in the world without the news and media industry? And how would newspapers, magazines, news channels and websites be able to accurately report the news without being able to access the internet not only to do extensive research but to spread and broadcast news? It would not be possible at all. 

The news and media industry always needs to be aware of what is going on in the world. Reporters and journalists need to have access to resources that enable them to accurately write stories. Newspapers, magazines, television channels, radio stations and online websites all need to publish stories and content, because they need to provide accurate and researched stories to their readers and listeners; the general public. How else would we know what is happening in the world? And internet access enables them to be on the ground or on the road while working; finding sources, interviewing people and doing research. Without this industry having basic internet access, many people all over the world would be left in the dark. 

In order to research, write and report on stories, media houses need high-quality, safe and fast internet access. It is not just about having an internet connection. They need to have a secure and fast connection because in the news and media industry, getting the story out quickly is just as important as telling the story itself. One of the best internet connections suitable for news and media houses is a business fibre connection.

Business fibre connections make use of optic fibre technology. Optic fibre is known as the best internet technology on the market today. Optic fibre connections make use of millions of small, thin fibre strands made out of glass that is bundled together to make a cable. These fibres work by transmitting data and information with the use of light, and this is one of the reasons why this technology is so fast – it literally uses the speed of light to transmit data and information. Fibre technology has fast surpassed any other kind of internet technology because of its speed and the quality of the connections, and this is also why businesses are opting for business fibre. 

Here are a few reasons why business fibre is the best internet solution for the news and media industry: 

Increased connection speed

The speed of a fibre cable is faster than any other internet technology available today. As mentioned above, this is because of the glass fibres that use light to transmit data and information. If you are looking for a fast internet connection, fibre is the way to go.


Fibre connections are the most reliable internet connection available today. Copper cables that were generally used for internet solutions before fibre came around are susceptible to many external influences that affect the quality of your internet connection. Rain and lightning storms, external signals and frequencies as well as theft are all things that affect copper cables. Fibre is not affected by storms, outside frequencies or theft, which means that your internet connection will rarely be interrupted. 


Security is just as, if not more important in the news and media industry than any other industry, so knowing that your business information, data, files and important documents are secure and protected against cyber theft or hacking is important, and a fibre internet connection adds this security. 

All of these above features of fibre internet contribute to making internet access in your office the best it can possibly be. Slow and unreliable internet access can reduce the productivity of your staff by increasing their frustration in the office. It can save you a lot of money by ensuring that your business and your staff are operating effectively and efficiently as possible.

BitCo offers a wide range of business fibre packages suited to your needs. We only offer uncapped internet packages, meaning that you will never run out of data, and we do not contendour lines. We also offer 24/7 assistance and support so if you run into any connection problems, our team will be there to assist.

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