Ready to Save some Money? Spend a little HERE!

Ready to Save some Money? Spend a little HERE!


One of the hardest things for many business owners to “get past” is the concept of spending money to save money. Sure, it’s a great excuse when you go shopping for something you really want, e.g. “it was on sale, so I had to buy it!” … but a capital business expense? Nope. Hard to rationalise, harder to actually do.


What if we told you that there is one case where it is unequivocally true?


One bright spot in your business where upgrading got you tons of benefits and one of them was significantly lower costs for the life of the upgrade?
Here’s the deal: at BitCo, we’ve been proponents of technology and connectivity for years, but one of the gateways to digital connectivity for most small and medium sized businesses is through the phone system. One of the simplest and easiest (and least expensive!) upgrades is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).


So how can switching to VoIP save your company substantial money?


Well, first let’s dig into what VoIP is so it’s easier to understand how it works. Instead of running all of your conversations over traditional phone lines, VoIP takes advantage of your internet connection, digitises the conversation, and then sends it – just like an email or any other packetized data – except, of course, it happens in real time. Now, that’s a simple view of what happens and to be sure, you’ll need to have a robust enough network connection to be able to utilise VoIP, but once you have that, the phone systems are all a one-time cost.


So how does a VoIP system save your company money? Here’s some of the top reasons:


  • No more hard line installations. Once you’ve converted over to VoIP, running an extension line is as easy a plugging the phone into the network. This means it’s perfect for companies that are taking over or using older office or retail space, where the phone exchange and infrastructure might be old or compromised. Your phone upgrade coincides with your network upgrade.


  • VoIP is easily encrypted. Sure, most of us don’t work with James Bond, but security is always important, so any VoIP line can be easily made secure with a standard VPN connection. Since the network is porting the calls to a “work” line, your staff can answer a call on their smart device even if they aren’t at their desk, too.


  • Every service that you current “hard” phone line offers is available through VoIP, whether that is voicemail, caller ID, call conferencing, and unlimited long-distance calls. More importantly, any minor issues that you may encounter in your service can usually be handled remotely – through your network provider or you in-house IT department since all calls travel through the computer system. What does that mean? No more waiting on the phone company to fix old hard lines that have degraded over the years.


  • Flat monthly billing instead of per-minute billing. Now, there are always some exceptions, but in general, VoIP services are all predicated on a flat fee. The result? Instead of a question on what the telecom costs will be month-to-month, you’ll be able to much more effectively control your telephony spend month-to-month. The phone is supposed to make your business money, not take it out of your pocket!


VoIP gives you and your business the chance to lock down a very expensive problem and create in-house service for the lifeline of your company while saving a huge amount each month. The actual hardware costs upfront are minimal, the installation is truly plug-and-play, and the overall connectivity? As good as any phone line in the country and better than most.


The truth is that your business can truly benefit from a VoIP system. The costs accrued from that? Recouped in months, not years.


I challenge you to reach out to me and my team at BitCo and see how we can make your phone system smarter, faster, and less expensive.

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