More than 67 minutes on Mandela Day


More than 67 minutes on Mandela Day


Today, 18 July 2012, BitCo announced a donation to iThemba Projects to celebrate the spirit of goodwill on Mandela Day.


iThemba Projects is a charity that has been working in the impoverished Sweet waters community near Pietermaritzburg for the past seven years. Poor infrastructure and facilities, particularly in the area of education, combined with a lack of sound role models in the family and community structures have created a desperate situation, particularly for the many children who live in the area. Through a number of different projects iThemba is attempting to address the need for improving education, particularly Early Childhood Education, and providing healthy mentors for young people.


On the 27th of June 2012, an unassuming quote request for iThemba crossed BitCo’s path. Mvelo Ramba, Key accounts manager at BitCo, picked up the request and brought it straight to the directors’ attention. “We had a look at the website and watched a small video where children had been taken to the sea for the first time in their lives” says Michael Colin, Sales Director of BitCo, “Myself and my team were close to tears, four grown men sitting around a computer (another luxury that we take for granted) watching children relish the pleasure of an opportunity they couldn’t have had without iThemba”.


Upon requesting more information from iThemba, BitCo received a request for assistance letter which concluded with, “We have kindly been loaned office space to accommodate us better and one year of ADSL. One of our biggest needs is affordable telecommunications – which were previously loaned to us by another organisation. However, with our move, we will not have this benefit anymore. Unfortunately, we don’t have the budget to purchase the type of system we need or to cover the cost of calls.”


It was with this that Garth van Sittert, BitCo’s Managing Director, proposed a donation of the entire IP PBX solution and the ADSL connection with access to the BitCo network so that the donation can be enjoyed for many years to come. This solution includes 10 telephones, a network cabinet and network switch, 10 network points, ADSL modem, full user training and configuration as well as three telephone numbers. To ensure that iThemba is always has support a silver support contract has also been included.


Stu Walker, iThemba Projects Director responded to the news, “WOW!!! That has truly brightened my day, actually my whole year!!! Thank you so much for your willingness to be part of making a difference to the future generations of Sweetwaters/Mpumuza and therefore of this country.”


The real thanks however goes to Stu and his team for doing more than 67 minutes and changing lives every day.



Find out more about BitCo’s Voice Services.



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