What is Lit Fibre?

What is Lit Fibre?


Fibre is the term used when referring to Fibre optic cables. The Fibre is actually a collective noun for the many miniscule glass strands which are able to carry data at the speed of light. In fact, data is transmitted over Fibre as light. This is why Fibre is either in a dark or lit state.


When Fibre is not connected to any network, that is, not yet transmitting any data, it is referred to as Dark Fibre. When it is connected to termination points and transmitting data it is called lit Fibre. So, if data is actively being sent over Fibre optic cables, it is in a lit state.


The party responsible for lighting the Fibre is in control of how the data is transmitted. That is, the Quality of Service, which dictates how traffic is prioritised (the order in which it is sent & received in).


Most Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) who provide Fibre as a last mile service, are on-selling a lit Fibre service, meaning that they are not responsible for the Quality of Service on the Fibre line.


At BitCo, we light our own Fibre, it makes us solely responsible for our customers’ uptime and the integrity of the connection.


Future Proof


Fibre capabilities continue to improve, without replacement technology on the horizon. Current research is promising Fibre which is able to transmit data at 1 Terabyte per second! This is why we refer to Fibre as future-proof.


More information about BitCo Fibre.


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