Licensed Spectrum Radio Network


Licensed Spectrum Radio Network


Licensed frequency microwave links are the perfect alternative to Fibre, especially for areas where Fibre is not currently available. BitCo has a National Spectrum License and can now deploy high speed carrier grade last mile connectivity on the low 2GHz band, offering up to 100Mbps.


After researching several radio manufacturers globally for equipment that would work optimally within this band, BitCo strategically selected an international partner. The equipment has since been thoroughly tested and is currently being deployed nationally.


BitCo’s managing director Jarryd Chatz says licensed frequency microwave technology offers higher speeds over longer distances. “Licensed frequency microwave technology makes our links more reliable and mitigates the risk of interference, it is just as good as Fibre with high speeds and low latency.”


“We had previously started experiencing a higher than normal rate of declines on wireless links when using open spectrum technology. There were inherent problems with interference in the ISM band on 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz,” he explains.


BitCo has deployed state-of-the-art carrier grade equipment that meets international standards. It is robust and weather resistant which makes it ideal for local conditions and South Africa’s growing bandwidth requirements.


“Licensed frequency microwave technology has less interference with increased quality and is easier and quicker to be deployed then Fibre. This makes it an ideal service offering. We will not install the link if we cannot guarantee our 99% operational uptime as advertised, we would rather have happy customers then install links that don’t hold up to our high standards,” he concludes.


In densely populated or metropolitan areas where Fibre is not available, BitCo uses its’ licensed frequency microwave technology for rapid deployment as an interim solution (line of sight dependent) while Fibre is being installed. This will ensure that businesses are connected within 2 – 3 weeks after successful application.


Check if you have coverage on both our Fibre and Microwave on our Internet Coverage Map.

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