Business Fibre Internet

Let’s walk the “Last Mile”

There is a long chain of connectivity that makes up your internet connection. The “Last Mile” is the last and final link, which is the connection between your ISP and your business location.

  • Level One – Huge Internet exchange points that span and connect continents.
  • Level Two – Providers that connect these level one exchange points with local ISPs.
  • Level Three (Last Mile) – the connection between you and your ISP.

Fibre is a favourite as a medium for the last mile because this is the connection you, as a business, rely on the most. It is usually the Last Mile which is affected by severe weather, interference and theft. Fibre is robust and can withstand the elements. Fibre is made of glass strands, unlike its legacy competitor ADSL which is comprised of Copper, which is why it is invulnerable to theft. Glass is an excellent conductor of light, which is why Fibre is capable of such incredible speeds. Your data is literally transmitted at the speed of light. Glass is also a poor conductor of electricity, which is why Fibre does not suffer from electromagnetic interference.

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