iThemba Asidlale Education Upliftment Project and Lifeskills Project

Dated: 19 February

BitCo is delighted to have received these reports on the iThemba Asidlale Education Upliftment Project and Lifeskills Project recently. It was accompanied by an email from Stu Walker (iThema projects director) Saying, “We again thank you for the incredible way in which you have being part of changing a generation and helping them towards a hopeful future.
We are proud to share with you a report on the Asidlale Early Childhood Upliftment Project and our Lifeskills project, which you are as much a part of as us. I trust you will be encouraged. It might also be worth mentioning that we have been endorsed by the DGMT Trust which is at the forefront of Early Childhood education in South Africa.

We believe that if together we can be part of educating and mentoring a generation – the cycle of poverty will be broken, and the future will be bright.
We obviously can’t do this alone, and it is only being possible through donations and support such as yours.”

To Stu and the rest of the wonderful people involved in actively changes lives through iThemba we say Thank you! We are thrilled and honoured to be associated with iThemba and the tremendous contribution they are making to early childhood development in underprivileged areas.

iThemba Asidlale Report 2012     iThemba Life Skills Report 2012

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