How VoIP Can Save Your Business Thousands Each Year

The different VoIP phone systems and services, many designed specifically for small businesses, are easier to setup and manage at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems. They are ideal for remote teams and you can add users to any kind of VoIP platform you choose.

How VoIP can save your business money

Modern VoIP systems are all cloud-based, managed on a computer or device, and, as long as you have an IP phone or Soft Phone, there’s no other equipment involved. The advantages include:

  •   VoIP is cheaper because: 1) there is minimal equipment needed and2) call costs are lower
  •   Easier to setup: VoIP is managed on a single online dashboard.
  •   More reliable: Any problems faced it is much easier and quicker to fix compared to phone lines, which could take hours or days to fix.
  •   More convenient: Changing phone system settings with VoIP is much easier.
  •   More powerful: VoIP enables video conferencing and file sharing. Integration with popular applications like Microsoft Office, SalesForceand Google applications is also possible.

Features to look for in a VoIP provider

There are several aspects that you need to consider when switching to VoIP including pricing, simplicity, and advanced call features such as call screening, call recording, shared lines, paging and intercom. You also have to consider how users are supported. Prices and features will vary depending on the plan you choose. Ask yourself who the system was designed for. For example, some VoIP platforms are designed for solo entrepreneurs, while others are designed for small businesses or large enterprises..

Voicemail/call forwarding

Smaller businesses experience times where employees are unable to answer the phone. Most VoIP providers offer the ability to convert phone messages into emails, which could be a great help to businesses.

A voicemail system and a feature called Find me/Follow me are added benefits and allows users to receive calls regardless of their location or phone number. You and your managers are thus reachable outside of the office, especially if calls are forwarded to their mobile phone.

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DND, or Do Not Disturb is an important feature for those who work with clients and do not want to be interrupted by a phone call. Advanced DND features include sending calls to voicemail, or transferring calls to another colleague who may be able to answer the call.

Unified communications

VoIP systems support more than conference calls, they also enable users to send files, chat messages, collaborate on calendars, share presentations and desktops. This is referred to as Unified Communications by many vendors. Businesses unify all their communication needs through a single provider in an integrated communication platform. A unified system adds flexibility, from video conferencing and online meetings to team messaging and collaboration. Rather than relying on specialised technical support to add users or reconfigure existing systems, VoIP can be configured by existing staff from a computer or mobile device.

Call Recording

In regulated industries companies need to record calls, or companies may want to record calls to track customer satisfaction and questions. Regardless of the need, a good VoIP system will allow the user to record calls, often at the click of a mouse, and store them in an audio format that can be replayed later.

These are just a few of the many features offered by many VoIP providers. If you are looking for a new telecommunications solution, contact us today to see how we can help.


Transitioning to a VoIP phone system offers significant advantages for businesses of all sizes. If you ask the right questions and know what to look for, finding the right plan from the right provider will save money, boost productivity, and expand the capabilities of your phone system. VoIP is thus cheaper, simpler and more scalable.

You should also consider reliability which encompasses everything from scheduled and unscheduled downtime (periods of time when the service may be unavailable) to disaster recovery procedures. Both customer service and technical support are also important aspects to watch out for.

Reduce call costs! Get tailor-made Voice Solutions to fit your size organisation and budget.

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