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How Home Fibre is changing home security

The internet has become an incredibly important part of our everyday lives. It is hard to imagine how life was before we had instant access to the internet, and now it forms a part of almost every aspect of our lives. We store our work on the cloud so that we can access it at any time. We check our emails at the office and at home, sometimes even on our phones. We watch our favorite shows and films by streaming them on our home devices or phones when we are on the move. We book appointments, check balances, do research and even purchase our groceries online. And now, one of the latest additions the ever-growing list of how the internet makes our lives easier: we can control any aspect of our home with the touch of a button; including our home security system thanks to the internet and home Fibre!

If you think about it, why are homes broken into? Because they are easily accessible and vulnerable to entry. With the growth and advancement of technology, a new solution has popped up in the form of home security systems that work through the internet. We connect all of our devices to the internet, so why not manage our entire home security online, too? If you have home Fibre installed, running your security online will not be a problem. Here are a few ways how your Fibre to the home connection can make your home more secure and less vulnerable to break-ins.

Security Cameras

Security cameras, as with most electronic devices, have advanced so much through the years that we are now able to access our security cameras installed at home from anywhere in the world. This enables us to check in on our family, pets and the state of our homes when we are not there, or in the case of an emergency. Security cameras can connect to the internet through your home Fibre to store all of the recorded data on the cloud via an IP hosting connection, enabling you to view the data at any time. This technology is making home security a lot easier to manage, and a lot cheaper.

Fingerprint scanning devices

Fingerprint technology is nothing new. Our electronic devices like our laptops and phones already work with this technology to restrict access. Gone are the days when fingerprint scanning devices were only used in corporations and big buildings – today, fingerprint devices are widely used by many businesses and homes all across the world, because it has become a lot more affordable. These devices are great additions to your home security system. Breaking into a fingerprint scanning device instead of a lock is going to be much more difficult, and therefore break-ins should decrease once this technology becomes more popular in home security.

Better Home Control

A Fibre to the home connection allows us to be able to control any aspect of our homes, from anywhere in the world. From locking and unlocking your doors to switching on cameras and lights, opening gates and giving access to certain people, changing the temperature in your home, and even switching your television on and off – this can all be controlled remotely via a home Fibre connection. The technology can even send you real-time updates of exactly what is taking place at your home, so if someone unplugs your television or removes one of your devices, you will get a notification to notify you of the activity. This allows us to control the security of our homes even when we are not there ourselves.

Home Fibre is not only changing the way we do business and attend to personal errands, but it is also improving our security. If you ever needed a reason to get Fibre to the home, this is it!

Check your home coverage here and let us help you guide you into which Home Fibre line you should be using!

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