How Graduates Can Get a Head Start From ISPs

How graduates can get a head start from Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

One of the most debated issues in the South African job market is the scarcity of skilled and highly resourceful employees. Organisations compete to take on the most experienced employees in order to reduce training costs and get the best output. The employment rate is also a major dilemma that affects our economy. This is especially true for the most popular careers as there is less demand in the market and a high supply rate. Most graduates end up taking jobs that are not related to their field of studies and most likely get frustrated along the way.

ICT is one of the fastest growing industries and as a result has a greater capacity to reduce the unemployment dilemma. For example, BitCo has increased its employment base by over 20% in the past year, including internship opportunities for graduates. ISP graduate programs offer immense career growth opportunities and invaluable experience that can be used for future career advancement.

How to get into a graduate program

Most organisations post the latest vacancies on their websites and/ or on social media. So, it is a good idea to follow the companies on social media as well as check their websites regularly. Sometimes approaching the Human Resource department is also helpful. Getting better grades at a tertiary level also places graduates ahead of their counterparts.

What to expect once accepted into the program

Remember that an internship or a graduate program is more like studying while working. Graduates need to be open minded and prepared to take on a lot of tasks – this can only be beneficial for development. Graduates are often assigned the same tasks as permanent employees to acquaint them with the working world.

Getting the best out of a graduate program

More often than not, employers are prepared to consider offering permanent positions to graduates who perform well once the internship contract elapses. It is important for graduates to give their best and create worth within the organisation. Doing so will not only increase the chances of achieving permanent employment, but also pave the way to a successful career in any other organisation.
Visit the BitCo Careers page for the latest career opportunities.

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