Has your business got the internet connectivity it needs?

Considering the amount of time we spend online for personal and business reasons, it is no wonder that Fibre connectivity is on the rise not only in South Africa but the entire world. To run a successful business, you need to have the necessary tools for your business to thrive, and most businesses need internet connectivity to run successfully. Not only do your employees need to be able to do research, get sales and check emails, but your business needs the necessary marketing and communications to operate successfully. Having a business Fibre connection allows your company to grow, achieve goals and become successful in a very competitive market. So a business Fibre connection should be one of the first things you invest in for your business.

It’s not just about having a connection, but more so about having a quality, fast and reliable business Fibre connection, because a line that is inferior, slow and of low quality will not only affect your employees’ productivity but your entire business’ success. Have you ever had to try to get work done that required an internet connection, but ended up being unproductive and frustrated due to a poor quality line? Imagine this happening to all of your employees at once. And imagine the detrimental effect it has on their productivity.

Having a quality business Fibre connection allows your staff members to produce great work, stay focused and productive and engage in the work that they do, which has great results for your business. As a business owner, you know how important it is to keep your staff happy at work. This means that they need to be able to work without any interruption to keep them as focused and productive as possible. Having a connectivity issue is one of the most common ways for staff to lose interest in and focus on their work, and thus, you lose valuable productive hours. This is why it is important to ensure that your business Fibre connection is always functional.

As a business in today’s digital world, clients and customers need to be able to get a hold of you at all times. So you need to ensure that your clients and customers can access your website, send emails, and engage in live chats if needed. There is nothing as frustrating for a client  not being able to get a hold of someone when it is most needed. You really cannot afford not to be available online, as this can damage the reputation of your company. Investing in the right business Fibre line is crucial because you could be wasting time and money by signing up with the wrong internet service provider or choosing an internet connectivity package that holds your business back.

Upgrading your current line to a business Fibre line will alleviate any issues that you are currently experiencing with a slow or unreliable internet connection. Not only will it improve your staff’s productivity and focus, but it will also increase your business’ success in the long run. If you choose a reputable internet service provider and you choose a good connectivity package, your internet speed will be faster, and you will have the support and assistance you need. Whether it is at 2 in the morning, or over the weekend, BitCo offers 24/7 -365 support and assistance. We will be available to help you get back online when it is the most important.

Some benefits of a business Fibre line include:

  • Higher staff productivity and focus due to fewer interruptions
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Better customer retention
  • More motivation in the workplace
  • Higher return on investment

These benefits help your business thrive in an ever-growing, competitive market. BitCo offers a wide variety of business Fibre deals that will suit your unique business needs. All of our customers and clients, no matter how big or small, have the option of 24/7 – 365 assistance and support when they need it. We only offer uncapped Fibre lines, meaning that you will never run out of data, and we do not contend our business lines.

Take our online connectivity guide to find the perfect solution for your business!

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