How Geographic Number Porting is Managed


How Geographic Number Porting is Managed


All (mobile and geographic) number porting is managed by the Number Portability Company (Pty) Ltd, known as the NPC. As quoted from their website, the NPC “administers a Central Reference Database (CRDB) linked to the operators via a sophisticated network interface.  The CRDB is an administrative database which used to track all porting process … from the initial porting request through to providing the new routing data to the operators so that necessary network routing can be updated.”₁


Numbers can only be ported to active GNP Participants registered on the CRBD, who:


  • Hold an Independent Electronic Communications Network Services (IECNS) Licence issued by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)
  • Have Interconnect or transit agreements in place with all the major operators (i.e. Telkom SA Ltd; Vodacom, MTN, Cell C)
  • Own a number range issued by (ICASA)
  • Signed GNP Connection Agreement and finally,
  • Upon meeting these requirements, network operators must still go through rigorous testing with routing codes and be successful in these tests as dictated by NPC before they are allowed to port any numbers.


James Farnell | Interconnect manager at BitCoJames Farnell, BitCo’s Interconnect Manager advises, “You would need to know which operator owns your number before beginning to port as permission must be granted first. Other than unpaid accounts there are seldom any reasons for denials.


It is also important to note that 0860 and 087 numbers cannot be ported. If you would like to determine who the current owner of your geographic or mobile telephone number is, you can visit


Further information about NPC is available on


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