Fibre to the home

Fibre to the home: The Last Internet Connection You’ll Ever Need

Fibre To The Home is becoming more and more popular as a connectivity solution at home. It is by far the most reliable and fastest option available today. Here is why you need it:


Fibre for the home is the fastest Internet solution available. Fibre provides dedicated bandwidth and Fibre speeds can go from 10Mbps right up to200Mbps. A home generally only needs to have basic Internet access, some upload and download functionality, and enough bandwidth for streaming.


Fibre is the only connection type that can handle many users and devices as at once. Standard broadband is struggling to support the increasing number of Internet-capable devices in the home, which includes mobile phones, iPads, tablets, notebooks, e-readers, gaming consoles and television. You will need a high quality, fast and reliable Internet connection in order to connect many different devices at once. Fibre is the solution!


Fibre optic technology makes use of Fibre optic cables that are made up of a bunch of glass Fibres. These Fibres use light to transfer data. Not only do the optic Fibre cables allow data to be transferred at the speed of light, but the cable itself is durable and resilient. Fibre cables are not affected by bad weather like rain, lightning or storms, whereas copper cables are. Fibre cables are also not affected by other frequencies and signals, which could cause a lapse or drop in connection speed. Furthermore, Fibre cables do not degrade and do not get stolen like copper cables do, meaning your connection is much more reliable.  

Uncapped lines

With a Fibre To The Home package, you are able to sign up for an uncapped line, which means you cannot run out of data or reach a data limit. You will, therefore, have unlimited access to the Internet; no interruption or cutoff. It is important to make sure that your service provider does not advertise uncapped lines, but end up throttling or shaping your Internet connection. This means that they will monitor your Internet usage and reduce your line speed and connectivity as you use your data. This is a loophole many service providers use to sell more packages. All of BitCo’s packages are uncapped, unshaped and not throttled.

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Unshaped and Unthrottled lines

Shaping and Throttling refer to Internet providers monitoring your data usage and then reducing your Internet line speed based on how much data you use and what you download. Once they see that you are using excessive data over certain periods of time, or on certain things like torrent downloads, they will shape or throttle your Internet line, meaning there will be a drop in your speed. BitCo does not shape or throttle any of its lines.  


BitCo offers 24/7 support and assistance to all of our clients. Yes, even Fibre To The Home clients. We are always available to assist with whatever query or problem you may have with your connection.

Contract timelines

Most Internet service providers sign agreements of 12 – 24 months. Some of them even offer 36-month agreements. BitCo offers a month-to-month package, where you can decide to sign up or cancel your agreement at any time.


Installing a Fibre To The Home line is a very simple and easy process. Coverage is dependant on whether your area has access to Fibre, as many residential areas do not yet have access to Fibre. Fibre is being installed all across South Africa. If you have access to Fibre in your area, all we do is provide a router and connect you to the Internet. If you do not have access to Fibre yet, you can request a line to be installed, which will take a little bit longer.

We offer a variety of Fibre To The Home packages that will suit your connectivity needs.

Check your home coverage here and let us help you guide you into which Home Fibre line you should be using!

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