Fibre Coverage

Fibre Coverage: How business Fibre is becoming more accessible

If you run a business in today’s time, one of the most important elements of your business would be your business Fibre connection. Why? Without a steady business Fibre connection, your business cannot run effectively. Everything your staff do will be affected by their internet connection. From making calls to checking emails, doing research, working out of office, downloading and uploading data, and streaming – a quality business Fibre connection is incredibly important to the success of your business. The expansion of Fibre is always growing and Fibre coverage is becoming more accessible for most businesses.

Business Fibre is becoming more and more popular and it is slowly becoming the choice of connectivity for most businesses in South Africa, and it is easy to understand why. Business Fibre gives your business the best opportunity at success, and it is therefore continually expanding, not only South Africa but the entire world.

A Fibre connection is the fastest, most reliable type of connection available today. This is because of the Fibre optic technology used. Data is literally being transferred by light signals, and Fibre cables are much more durable and reliable than copper cables, making your connection much more reliable as copper cables are susceptible to environmental issues like lightning, rain and erosion, as well as other connection signals. Copper cables are also often being stolen. Fibre cables have none of these issues and are, therefore, the better option.

Here are a few benefits to a business Fibre connection:

  • It is fast. Optic Fibre technology allows data to be transferred literally at the speed of light, meaning you can work much faster and more productively. Nothing beats Fibre!
  • It is reliable. Optic Fibre works with Optic Fibre cables, not copper. Copper cables can be affected by bad weather like rain and lightning. It also gets affected by other connections and frequencies that could interrupt your connection, and copper cables get stolen often. Fibre cables are not affected by the weather or other connections and frequencies. Making your connection much more reliable and stable.
  • Uncapped vs capped. Business Fibre allows you to have uncapped business Fibre connection, meaning that you will not run out of data or reach a data limit at the end of the month, keeping your business operational.
  • Line speeds. Fibre offers the fastest line speeds out of all of the business internet connection types. Some line speeds can go as high as 1000Mbps, which is incredibly fast.

Fibre is still expanding in South Africa, so not all areas fall within Fibre coverage. However, with its popularity growing day by day, most areas will have Fibre coverage, and so more and more businesses will have the opportunity to make use of this connectivity type. It is easy to find out if the area your business is located in has Fibre coverage. All you need to do is check on your internet service supplier’s website to see if your area is covered.

BitCo has a wide range of business Fibre coverage, and we offer various business Fibre packages suited to your business needs. All of our business Fibre packages include 24/7 support, meaning that our team is available any time should you experience any issues with your connection so that you can focus on what is important – building your business. All our Fibre packages are also uncapped and uncontended, and we guarantee a 99% operational uptime.

Ensuring your business’ success means choosing the best service providers and packages. BitCo offers a variety of business Fibre packages that suits your business needs. You can find out here if you have access to business Fibre in your area.

Take our online connectivity guide to find the perfect solution for your business!

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