Emergency Change #366 | The Pearls

Good day,
Please be advised of the following change.
Change Reference: #366 Change Times: SATURDAY 30/11/2019 – 01H00 – 05H30 SUNDAY 01/11/2019 – 23H59 – 05H30 MONDAY 02/11/2019 – 23H59 – 05H30 Area/s Affected: The Pearls Network Type Affected: Active Ethernet Change Description:
*From The Pearls management:*
We advise that during this morning’s shutdown and test of the standby generator system we have identified a fairly significant issue with one of our standby generators, which could not be adequately resolved during the available shutdown window this morning.

Steps are underway to procure essential spares and engage with the relevant key service providers to remedy the situation as speedily as possible under the circumstance.

Perceived faulty generator thermostat components will be installed during the next 12-36 hours depending on local availability of required parts and resources*, *however, we will not be able to verify serviceability of the generators without undertaking another shutdown, (or multiple overnight shutdowns dependant on outcomes.

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