Dedicated Internet and Broadband Internet – What is the Difference?

Having a reliable Internet connection is essential to business performance today. If you’re launching or growing a business, you might not be aware of the key differences between dedicated Internet versus broadband internet. Understanding each type of connection can be helpful in ensuring the ongoing reliability and performance of your business, as well as future growth. We understand the technologies can seem confusing at first, so here are the basic differences that are easy to understand.

Before making any changes to your Internet setup, it’s important to know exactly what your business stands to gain.

A dedicated internet connection is a service where your provider dedicates a specific amount of bandwidth for that connection. This bandwidth is not shared with anyone else other than the users of that physical circuit. With a dedicated connection the performance is always consistent and reliable.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is providing you with your own bandwidth, with super-fast access speeds, which means that you never have to be slowed down by other people’s traffic.

A broadband Internet connection is a shared network, amongst many different users in an area, sharing a common larger connection. Unlike dedicated Internet service, there are no guarantees on what speed you get or the quality of the connection. Speed is determined by the ISP’s network traffic and congestion, which can vary greatly depending on the location or time of day. It is not uncommon for users to find that their Internet is slower during the day and operating great late at night. The bandwidth speed and performance vary widely.

The upside of broadband, of course, is that it is extremely cost effective.

With either of these connectivity options, BitCo Telecoms can assist with the speed, reliability, and security that your business requires. Contact us today to learn whether dedicated Internet access or broadband internet access is right for you.

Ultimately, the internet connection you choose depends on your goals, budget, uptime requirements, and of course the size of your business.

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