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Dark Fibre as an Internet Solution for Business

It’s a given you want the best Internet Fibre Provider because your online connection directly impacts organisational efficiency. Not all Fibre providers are equal; the choice you make should be based on the lesser known details, like how dark Fibre is one of the best options for businesses.

In this article, discover the details to make an informed decision:

What is dark Fibre?

Dark Fibre is optical Fibre cables which have been laid in the ground but have not been “lit”, i.e., it is not currently in use.

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Fibre optic cables being laid in the ground. They are dormant until “lit”.

Where do these cables come from in the first place?

Well, the open access network infrastructure company installs the Fibre into the ground and then leases it to an ISP.

Dark Fibre is privately operated and leased out to other ISP’s.  In South Africa, BitCo partnered with Dark Fibre Africa, and as such, they “light” their own Fibre (meaning BitCo activates the Fibre – more on the benefits of that for business in a moment).

Why dark Fibre for business?

Dark Fibre works out as a more economical internet solution in the long run and provides the best speed out of all the current internet options.

Now, setting up a dark Fiber network independently translates into the company having to purchase, install and maintain their own equipment, but it also means they have total control over a network’s speed, and this is especially essential for companies who depend on reliable and fast communication from point to point, or between centres that communicate large amounts of data to each other and require efficiency.

However, when businesses use an ISP, the onus is on the ISP instead of the company. But. you don’t want an ISP who relies on a middleman, and you want to avoid a reseller who also has no control over quality.

And of course, security is always important. Dark Fibre Networks are owned and operated only by the ISP (who manages their own products), which means a high level of security.

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Choosing the best Fibre provider

There is no scarcity of Fibre Providers to choose from in South Africa.

But there are details you want to look out for that make all the difference.

As a business, what you want to do, is filter out Fibre providers who make use of a middleman; basically, this is an ISP who simply resells another’s ISP’s products or relies on a third party for management. You want to choose an ISP who manages their own products.

This is because, if a line is damaged or connectivity drops, the third party needs to get involved, and this creates delays and lack of service.

In addition, when a middleman is involved, the configuration of the Fibre is not in the control of the ISP, but rather, the third party.

Where there’s a middleman, regular maintenance is required. Very importantly, most Fibre providers that offer Fibre as the last mile service are selling an already lit Fibre service, so they are not responsible for the quality of service on the line.

At BitCo, we light our own Fibre, making us entirely responsible for uptime and the quality of the connection.

Lastly, the ISP should be older than three years, or they will cut their teeth on your business and make you pay for it.

Look for a Fibre Provider that offers business Fibre; it comes at a premium price because it’s a direct line between a business and its ISP.

Benefits of BitCo’s lit Fibre

BitCo is partnered with Dark Fibre Africa and therefore can light the Fibre.

The benefits of BitCo offering their own lit Fibre is:

  • BitCo can configure the Fibre.
  • While your business waits for the deployment of Fibre, BitCo offers temporary wireless links for connectivity. (Line of sight dependent)
  • They can offer direct support instead of relying on a third party which often causes major frustration.
  • They have their own network that they build, manage, maintain and handle without having to contact a third party to help resolve the matter.
  • Dark Fibre optic cable is trenched but has no data transmitting through it. BitCo activates the dark Fibre (aka lights it) so that data is transmitted. BitCo manages this lit Fibre network.

Take our online connectivity guide to find the perfect solution for your business!

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