Connecting during social distancing

Connecting During Social Distancing

Social Distancing Helping to Grow Stronger Personal Connections

No, this blog is not about your Internet Connection. We’re talking about real-life, human connection.

Under normal circumstances, we’re probably the first to talk about the benefits of fibre connectivity to help you connect with friends and family—but, this is not that time. And, that is really the point of this post.

Keep Your Distance, but Come Together

The world is facing a pandemic, and it’s when humans face a crisis that we prove our ability to unite.
If there were any silver lining from Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), it’s that the practice of social distancing teaches us to consider others.

Social distancing is not about protecting yourself, but others too—for the good of everyone!

It’s really positive to think that we are being intentional about not brushing past the slow person in the canned food aisle. We’re conscious of our behaviour, and looking after one another on purpose.

We’re All In the Same Boat

Bizarre as the concept may be, everyone—regardless of age, sex, colour, creed—has something they can relate to someone else with because this is happening to all of us.

It’s perfectly normal to feel a little concerned. And, it’s great to have a caring someone to remind us, “Don’t panic.” We can all relate to the disruption we’re facing from schools bring closed, the challenge of the travel bans.

These things come dressed as bad news, but they have the potential to foster caring and understanding between people who have otherwise never given each other second thought.

We should all focus our attention on curbing the spread of Covid-19, together. By following the guidance from our government and the advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO), we can save many, many lives and recover faster.

The sooner we band together in combatting this Communicable Disease, the sooner we can enjoy life as we knew it before.

Close to Home

It’s easy to imagine the self-isolation means hitting record screen-time levels. Trust us, streaming < is already sky-high. But we want to urge you to resist. Use this time at home to connect with your love ones. Hey, if it means Facetime or Whatsapp video—then cool, we’ll concede.

However, be wary not to let the isolation consume you. Otherwise, we’ll be facing a zombie nation next! We’d like to encourage people to get talking. You might not be able to “get out there” the way you’re used to, but you can use this time to get one another on deeper levels than before.

Let’s overcome the crisis together, the way that South Africans always do.

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