Commercial Wireless: Everything you need to know

A fast, reliable and uninterrupted internet connection is a must for every business if they want to operate effectively and be successful. There are various different internet solutions available for businesses, and choosing the right connection with the right provider, at the right price can become quite overwhelming. One of the best solutions out there is Commercial Wireless.

What is Commercial Wireless?

A Commercial Wireless connection is a concentrated blend of highly reliable, uncapped internet that is optimised for business use. With so many different options available, it is important to know exactly what each technology and package offers in order to make the right purchase for your business. Most Commercial packages are uncapped and uncontended, with speeds of between 10 Mbps to 50 Mbps.

How does it work?

There are various different kinds of wireless technology. Some of these technologies are Radios, televisions, cellphones, GPS, two-way radios, wi-fi and Bluetooth. They all work in the same way.

It works by sending audio, video, voice or data signals through electromagnetic waves, which travel through the air. They do not require wires. The energy travels through metal, like an antenna, and waves are formed that travel vast distances depending on the strength of the energy. This is known as a Wireless Connection and has become one of the most important tools for businesses and organisations across the world.

Uses of Commercial Wireless

There are many different uses, including;

  • Connecting users to the internet for basic web use such as research or checking emails
  • Downloading and uploading big files or data
  • Everyday communication and connectivity users to multiple devices
  • Video conference calls and general streaming
  • Running VoIP
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Commercial Wireless vs Normal Wireless

There are many differences between Commercial and Normal Wireless. If you run a business, you need a reliable, high-level internet connection that can meet the demands and requirements of your business. So a Commercial connection would be more suited for business use than a standard connection.

Business Wireless:

  • Is more expensive than a standard connection, but offers more functionality better suited for business use
  • More reliable, faster and a better connection due to contention ratios suitable for VoIP
  • Uncapped Internet

Normal Wireless:

  • Is cheaper than business packages and is better suited for a basic internet connection.
  • More susceptible to downtime due to contented connection, meaning that speeds will fluctuate based on how many users share the same pipe.
  • Not suitable for VoIP
  • Capped Internet

How will Commercial Wireless benefit your business?

In today’s competitive business space, it is important to be on top of your game and ahead of the competition, and a commercial wireless package gives you that advantage. So how will a commercial connection improve your business?

  • Improves production: no wires or distractions, just easy connection. Commercial wireless will give your staff an easy connection solution so they can spend less time figuring out cables and wires, and more time building your business.
  • Employee satisfaction: the ease of use of commercial wireless makes your employees’ lives and jobs easier. They can focus on what is important.
  • Connected on the move: regardless of where in the office your staff choose to work from, they’ll still be connected to the internet. This makes teamwork, meetings and brainstorm sessions that much easier.
  • Improves profits: the happier and more productive your staff are, the more work they get done, and the more profit your business will make.
  • Customer/client satisfaction: regardless of what your business is all about, offering clients and/or customers free connection when they visit your business leaves a lasting impression.

The benefits of Commercial Wireless include:

  • No downtime. We guarantee a 99% uptime
  • Uncapped internet. Your business will have an unlimited amount of data at your disposal.
  • An asynchronous connection. Your business upload and download speeds will differ.
  • Easy connectivity upgrades
  • Business-optimised quality of service
  • Back-up connectivity with multiple sites in place
  • Fast – 10Mbps to 50Mpbs options

So if you want your business to succeed in this very competitive time, you need to give it the tools to do so. A reliable, cost-effective internet connection is one of the most important tools for your business.

Take our online connectivity guide to find the perfect solution for your business!

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