When Choosing Your Business Premises Ask Yourself “Is This A Smart Community?”

[Olivedale, Johannesburg, South Africa, May 2014]


Lightning fast Internet isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. Man’s quest to obtain information faster is not for the ego. It’s an evolutionary requirement. It’s about how much, how fast and at what price you can get it.


Enter BitCo, the first choice in Fibre and Wireless last mile connectivity. Why you may ask? BitCo’s promise to find the smart answer for electronic communication conundrums has once again been kept. It’s called the SMART Community. True to its word, BitCo has developed an affordable, easily and rapidly deployed fibre solution to fit any size business.


It is not a matter of who wants fibre, it’s who doesn’t. Assuming all business owners are looking for affordable, stable, invulnerable, lightning fast Internet connections, BitCo quickly set off to work laying their own national fibre network.


Their second step was to identify key business hubs conveniently close to its existing fibre exchanges and literally go door knocking. In doing so, BitCo had already curbed most consumers concerns about fibre, the cost. It was merely a matter of blowing fibre into business parks and connecting interested parties. The response was (and still is) astounding.


Landlords and property managers were quick to cotton-on to the enormous value-add for future tenants. They assisted BitCo with step three, enabling Community with Fibre at building phase, helping to create connected business-ready Communities.


Rather than undertaking the laborious task of finding a potential Internet service provider and telco after finding your business a new home, ask yourself the smart question, “Is this a SMART Community?


SMART Communities are powered by BitCo. Fibre ready so that your business can be connected the second you move in. You save on the cost to deploy the fibre to your building and save time by not having to wait for installation. It isn’t too good to be true, it is simply what BitCo calls progress.


To find out which SMART Community are located near you, or how you can turn your Community into a SMART Community, sms “Community” and your name to 30690 (sms’s to this number is not charged for). A BitCo representative will then call you back. Alternatively, you may also email sales@bitco.co.za or call 08600 BITCO (24826) and one of our helpful sales team members will gladly assist you.


Find out more about SMART Communities.



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