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Choosing a New Fibre Internet Provider: Questions to Ask [And Why]

Choosing a new Fibre internet provider seems so easy because they make it look so easy.

All you have to do is click your choice, and Voila! It’s done:

But while it appears simple, this is what you probably don’t know: the Fibre internet provider’s website is only the consumer-facing bit of your connection.

Once you’ve clicked here, then there and sealed the deal, most often it’s roundabout than that you may find the honeymoon period over.

It’s a known fact that ISP’s do not in general, provide great service, but poor service, although frustrating, is not as important as the actual internet connection. And if you choose the wrong Fibre internet provider, you will not know whether your business is achieving the speeds you are paying for until everything is already installed.

It’s complicated finding the right Fibre internet provider, because even though Fibre is so much faster than any other type of connection if you choose the wrong ISP, you may not achieve the speeds you were after.

But that’s why you’re reading this. To go beyond the beautiful website to find out what questions to ask that will determine your satisfaction later. It’s best for the sake of your business, to keep the honeymoon going. That can only be done with the right ISP.

The answers to the following questions will help you decide which Fibre internet provider to choose:

Question: How long have you been around?

This is the first qualifying question because if the ISP is in it’s infant stages, it’s going to cut its teeth on you.

The longer the ISP has been in business, the chances of a better your experience, because they’ve already cut their teeth on others and should by now have perfected their methods.

Avoid going with an ISP who is not older than 6 years at the very least.

BitCo has been around for 12 years, so we are pros at what we do, and we’ve customised certain elements that are unique only to us, in order to make ourselves stand out where it counts the most: connection quality and service.

Question: Do you have any SLAs in place?

If the ISP does not offer SLA’s, beware.

No Fibre internet provider will offer SLA’s if they know they can’t always deliver on their promises.  

This means that they are either third-party heavy (they get third parties to manage a lot of their core processes), or they are still too new to have perfected their internal processes.

You will suffer for it.

BitCo offers SLA’s for your peace of mind because we know we can deliver on our promises.

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Question: What uptime can you provide?

Just like with SLA’s, if an ISP can’t guarantee uptime, be wary. They will not provide a guaranteed uptime if they can’t stick to it.

It means that every time they go down, you go down, and you have no leverage.

BitCo offers SLAs on all business Fibre packages, to set your mind at ease.

Question: What packages do you offer?

This is a biggie of course, but perhaps not for the reasons you think…

The package must revolve around the line speed. That’s a given. So it’s vital you understand why different speeds are offered (e.g. the number of users affects speed), but that’s not all…

Where ISP’s may catch you, is when they fail to inform customers about certain stuff.

In all honesty, this may not be intentional on their part, just that they are technical people and technical people don’t realise that untech people don’t understand many of the terms, so find out what influences business Fibre prices.

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These are some of BitCo’s business Fibre packages.

The highlighted bits are what you need to look for when choosing a Fibre Internet provider package; these are what influences price, but gives reliability and consistently fast speeds.

When ISPs are much cheaper than others, be wary, because you’ll probably end up paying in other ways for that.

If you look at BitCo’s business Fibre prices, for example, you may notice that although very competitive in some cases pricing may be higher than many other ISPs, but there’s a reason for that.

While the majority of ISPs have tweaked some elements to make their prices look better, the quality of the line speed is questionable, while BitCo’s is not. You get what you pay for, and with BitCo, you can be sure that uncapped means uncapped, and that speed is not affected by the amount of users (provided you choose the right speed), and that data is never shaped or throttled.

Question: Do you outsource technical support?

Most ISPs in South Africa outsource their after-sales technical support. No problem with this, but what is a problem, is that this most often causes a delay to their customers because they have to wait on a third party.

This is also the reason why many ISP’s don’t put SLA’s in place; because they know they can’t rely on the third party to resolve issues as fast as possible. Certainly, this is a generalisation, but look out for it.

This is another reason BitCo’s prices may seem higher than others: we have our own technical team in place, to ensure that our customers are served as fast as possible.

Question: What connection type is the last mile?

This is exceptionally important to understand because the “last mile” affects line speed.

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The “last mile” explained.

You could say, that the last mile determines line speed.

So for example, although Fibre is lightning-fast compared to every other internet connection types available in the world so far, if the last mile – a term used for the type of connectivity used from the main point to your premises, is not also Fibre, your speed and the connection reliability decreases.

The last mile must be Fibre or do not go for it.

All BitCo’s business packages include a Fibre-optic last mile, and the result is a quality connection and reliable speed.

Take our online connectivity guide to find the perfect solution for your business!

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