Before we had our relationship with BitCo we were in serious need of well-functioning equipment because the old system no longer served us well. It was very old and it needed replacement.

On Mandela day Garth mentioned that the complete BitCo system would be donated as a gesture of goodwill on a day that was reserved to serve the community. However, BitCo did not only serve Childline that one day but you have been with us all along over 365 days, our 24/7 companion. The equipment was installed, up and running within a month. Even though we are a nonpaying customer the operations department has been excellent in assisting us, seemingly effortlessly.

We have regular interaction with staff enquiring about the functioning of the system, which is really heartwarming.

In our interaction we came to understand that BitCo is assisting us because you value the work that we do. Well, we view you as the angels behind the scenes.

Thank you very much for your generosity, continued support and professionalism.

Warm regards,
Annelie Keyter | Tel: 011 645 2000 | URL:


Find out more about BitCo’s Voice Services.



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