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ADSL Is Holding Your Business Back | BitCo

ADSL Is Holding Your Business Back

ADSL Is Holding Your Business Back – so Why Aren’t You Moving?   Internet access isn’t just necessary for businesses to exist; it offers potentially unlimited opportunities for growth. Unfortunately, many businesses are using an obsolete, tired, old Internet connection medium. BitCo explains why you need to move from ADSL to Fibre...

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Benefit From An Independent Telecoms Provider

Could your business benefit from an Independent Telecoms Provider?   When it comes to reliable and cost-effective business connectivity, can independent telecoms service providers give the big guys a run for their money? Jarryd Chatz, MD at BitCo looks at the pros and cons of each in this digital David vs Goliath...

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Secure Internet, Voice and Connectivity

Secure Internet, Voice and Connectivity   We use Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems for the protection of all our subscribers and in order to uphold our guaranteed 99% uptime.   The triple layered security policy on our network and sold devices has proven efficacy throughout our decade of operation.   Firewalls   Firewalls are in...

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Business Connectivity – Probability

Business Connectivity - Probability   We pride ourselves on our Quality of Service and therefore employ the strictest measures in our assessment process. This is to ensure that we are able to uphold our promise of a premium Internet experience and guaranteed 99% uptime.   There are many factors which can affect our ability...

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What is Lit Fibre?

What is Lit Fibre?   Fibre is the term used when referring to Fibre optic cables. The Fibre is actually a collective noun for the many miniscule glass strands which are able to carry data at the speed of light. In fact, data is transmitted over Fibre as light. This is why...

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Business Optimised Fibre Internet Solutions | BitCo

Fibre to the Business (FTTB)

Fibre to the Business (FTTB)   Fibre to the Business (FTTB) is a term used to describe Fibre as a last mile service to businesses.   For years, many Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) have used Fibre as the backbone for their own core networks, predominantly for reliable backhaul. The connection from the end user,...

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Last Mile Fibre Connectivity | BitCo

Last Mile Fibre Connectivity

Last Mile Fibre Connectivity   The physical connection from your business premises to our network is commonly called the Last Mile.   Fibre is a favourite as a medium for the last mile because this is the connection you, as a business, rely on the most. It is usually the Last Mile which is...

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