BitCo’s Metro Ethernet Offers Next-Generation Flexibility, Price Advantage

BitCo’s Metro Ethernet offers next-generation flexibility, price advantage

[Olivedale, Johannesburg, South Africa, October 2012] BitCo offers South African businesses a one-stop connectivity solution based on a next-generation Ethernet telecommunications network that can be customised to provide a truly customer-centric solution.

“Today’s businesses need to be connected and they need to move fast—the market is volatile and companies must react fast. Too often, though, traditional telecommunications networks simply can’t give their clients the solution they need rapidly enough, resulting in lost business opportunities,” says Garth van Sittert, technical director at BitCo. “Telcos the world over are moving to Ethernet-based networks to be able to give clients that level of service—and BitCo is setting the pace in South Africa.”

BitCo is a Tier 1 telecommunications company, which means it owns and operates its own dedicated network. Van Sittert explains that Ethernet connections are much quicker to install and maintain, and the network is intrinsically more efficient and thus faster.
“Because it’s software-based, it literally takes minutes for us to add a new service for an existing customer,” Van Sittert explains. “For example, a client who uses our network for Internet connectivity can request for voice to be added, and the change will be effected within an hour at most.”

BitCo’s service offering is comprehensive as it includes all three types of service a business would require: PBX, Internet connectivity and last-mile connection. Because clients connect to the BitCo fibre-optic network wirelessly, connections are easy to implement and the risk of copper theft is removed.

BitCo’s Metro Ethernet network has been rolled out to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Nelspruit, Pretoria and Rustenburg, in response to strong and growing demand.

“Clients want a flexible, cost-effective and comprehensive telecommunications solution that is built around their needs,” Van Sittert concludes. “We have listened to our clients, and BitCo Metro Ethernet offers just that.”


Find out more about BitCo’s Metro Ethernet Network.


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