BitCo Updates Corporate Identity

[Olivedale, Johannesburg, South Africa, July 2014] Tier 1 Internet and telephony service provider, BitCo, has updated its corporate identity to better represent its service offering and personality.


BitCo has grown up. Since 2006, when BitCo was established, the company has developed exponentially. From product offerings to infrastructure development, employee numbers and happy customers around South Africa.


To represent this growth and better convey how serious the company is, the brand has undergone a face lift. A new-look website was launched in the early hours of Monday 21 July 2014. To follow, all branded items will slowly receive their new look over the course of the next month.


The revised logo represents network points and data packets while being mindful not to lose the shape of the legendary whiffle it had before. Blues have been made slightly lighter for better viewing on screen. The heavy black background used for so long has been replaced with clean, crisp white complimented by hints of grey. BitCo’s font has matured as well. A sleeker, neater font replaces the historic bulky predecessor. Finally, a succinct descriptor summarising BitCo’s service offering in to three parts adds the finishing touch: Internet | Voice | Connectivity.


“The decision to upgrade the brand originated from the need to overhaul the website”, reports Deidre Jonker, marketing manager. As the website content began receiving updates, so the layout changed with it. While taking a very critical view of the website, the Directors and Marketing department of BitCo turned their attention to the entire brand.


Garth van Sittert, Managing Director of BitCo recalls, “We took a step back and then I realised how much BitCo had grown. It had organically developed its own identity.”


BitCo has recently celebrated its one-thousandth geographic number port. It has also lit various dark fibre throughout Gauteng (as well as Long-haul to KZN) and has intentions to expand to neighbouring provinces very soon. Boasting over one hundred high-sites around South Africa, BitCo services hundreds of business and has recently welcomed home users to the fold. They are certainly showing no signs of slowing down.


“I have watched BitCo grow from 14 to 70 employees in three short years. During this time I have witnessed our network expand into the North-West province, Nelspruit; Bloemfontein and KwaZulu Natal. I have worked on several new product launches, been part of every celebrated milestone. I’m so proud to see how BitCo has evolved from the geeky wall flower to fine young adult it is today”, says Deidre Jonker (marketing manager) as she re-counts her time at BitCo.



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