Revolutionising the way SME businesses connect

BitCo relaunches Uncapped Uncontended 10Mbps and 20Mbps Fibre for the SME market.


BitCo will be relaunching its 10Mbps and 20Mbps Uncapped and Uncontended Fibre offering.


Historically Fibre was a service that only larger organisations could afford whilst smaller companies had to be content with unreliable copper or mobile services which often resulted in a degraded service.


BitCo has been actively expanding its national last mile network with an aim of being able to connect every organisation – from smallest too largest – so that everyone can enjoy uncompromised connectivity.


The Premium Uncapped 10Mbps and 20Mbps Fibre starts from R3 695 per month (excluding VAT) and R4 995 per month (excluding VAT) respectively. Businesses operating in BitCo Smart Fibre Communities will be able to access these offerings at a further reduced rate.


BitCo’s managing director Jarryd Chatz says SMEs can now take their businesses to the next level of connectivity. “BitCo wants to bring connectivity that businesses deserve. Once they migrate to Fibre, their efficiencies increase dramatically due to the speed and reliability of the Fibre connection.”


All BitCo Fibre has a 1:1 contention ratio for both local and international connectivity. It is fully synchronous and easily upgradeable to 1Gbps.


“In the world today, connectivity is everything. We offer Fibre as a last mile Internet solution to businesses, big or small. BitCo’s Fibre is the answer if your business relies on the Internet,” he says.


“We always offer guaranteed 99% uptime because we believe in providing our customers with Premium Internet services to suit their business requirements,” he concludes.


BitCo’s Temporary Microwave services are available for customers who require a rapid deployment, but would be subject to line of sight.


For more information contact BitCo on 087 135 0000 or email


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