BitCo launches Uncapped Wireless DSL connectivity


BitCo launches Uncapped Wireless DSL connectivity for Small to Medium Enterprises


Their Wireless DSL (WDSL) is an entry level alternative to their standard premium Wireless connectivity solutions. Jarryd Chatz, BitCo CEO says, “WDSL provides smaller businesses with a basic quality broadband connection and an opportunity to connect to BitCos’ secure, robust and private Network.”


Smaller enterprises can now take advantage of an optimized quality of service (QoS) driven network, coupled with BitCo’s standard 99% operational uptime guarantee for business.


Chatz further explains, “Our WDSL is tailor-made to suit businesses which require a basic reliable connectivity solution but cannot afford a premium Wireless solution or have access to Fibre. In addition, the solution is flexible and businesses can upgrade their packages at any time, so BitCo can grow as your business and your connectivity requirement grow.”


BitCo WDSL is uncapped and perfect for E-mail, Internet browsing, Instant messaging, Small to medium file transfers, SD video services. The difference between the premium Wireless services and WDSL is that the link is Asynchonous and carries a contention rate of 1 : 5. BitCo WDSL also excludes voice services as there is no latency guarantee.


Chatz concludes that, “In today’s business world connectivity is everything. BitCo’s WDSL service offers a unique solution that enables smaller businesses to connect wirelessly or have the backup connectivity it needs to operate.”


BitCo WDSL is available for businesses within BitCo’s coverage areas and accessible within three weeks of successful application. View BitCo’s coverage map:

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