BitCo invites channel participation via agency model

BitCo invites channel participation via agency model

[Olivedale, Johannesburg, South Africa, September 2011]

Local telecommunications company, BitCo, has announced that it intends to build an indirect sales channel to complement its existing direct sales capability. BitCo supplies voice and data services via its own fibre and wireless network. The core network covering the major metropolitan areas of Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Nelspruit is now complete and, says Sales Director Michael Colin, “We can’t sign customers on fast enough.”

BitCo’s new channel will be based on an agency model, which means that end customers will contract directly with BitCo, with the agent being paid a monthly commission for the duration of the length of the contract.

“We have spent the last two years primarily focused on putting the infrastructure and services in place, now we are focusing on driving sales growth,” says Colin. “We’ve adopted a very aggressive commission structure to really incentivise potential agents to market our services to their customers—and earn themselves annuity income.”

The launch of this new indirect sales model offers PBX suppliers, ICT companies and even Internet service providers the chance to expand their service offerings with BitCo’s competitive product and service set. These include voice over Internet protocol, Internet access plus a range of telephony-related services.

“For PBX suppliers and the like, obtaining the connectivity for the telephony solution is always a potential roadblock, both in terms of time taken and quality of service,” Colin notes. “BitCo offers a way to deliver a better service to the end customer and gain an unexpected income stream into the bargain.”

End customers, too, will benefit from the added choice. BitCo offers greatly reduced call rates—up to 50% on outgoing calls—and quick turnaround on connection times. And because the last-mile connectivity is wireless, customers gain immunity from the scourge of copper theft, which has become endemic to some areas. In today’s connected business environment, loss of connectivity for any extended time can cripple, and even destroy, a business.

“Our network is now ready and our thousands of customers can testify to the value and quality we deliver to their businesses,” says Colin. “The new agency model is our route to grow that customer base significantly.”


Find out more about BitCo’s Reseller Programme.



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