BitCo Fibre-to-the Home Corporate and Business Partner Packages

BitCo Home launches specially designed Fibre-to-the-Home Corporate packages for BitCo Telecoms corporate customers and business partners.

In the midst of the lock down in South Africa, several Fibre Network Operators as well as Internet Service Providers have been working together to help both businesses and home Fibre subscribers with free speed upgrades to assist with the increase in bandwidth demand during this time.

ISPs are seeing a huge increase in data usage across their customer bases. This is because many employees are working from home and rely on the service ISPs provide to attend virtual meetings as well as to get connected to their company’s online systems via their secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s). In addition to this, South Africans have increased their personal usage of video streaming and online gaming services resulting in further data consumption.

As the lockdown continues and new work-from-home policies are being implemented, more companies are looking for a longer-term solution that will provide reliable and cost-effective Internet for their employees working at home to ensure business continuity. Post-lockdown the demand for fibre-to-the-home is expected to continue to increase, and many companies are evolving the way they do business by subsiding their staffs home connectivity to support working from initiatives.

Recent research conducted by MyBroadband shows that South Africans are seemingly adapting well to working from home – 74% of employees said they feel more productive. Many companies stated that they will potentially adopt more work-from-home strategies post-lockdown.

This shift of companies investing in their employees home connectivity is now on the rise, and several Business Internet Service Providers are already starting to introduce Fibre-to-the-Home corporate packages and value-added services such as VoIP and VPN access to support their business customer bases.

In a conversation with Jarryd Chatz, Chief Executive Officer of BitCo Telecoms, he said that BitCo will also significantly lower the cost of this be introducing specially designed Fibre-to-the-Home “Corporate” packages for all of BitCo’s corporate customers and its business partners’ staff. It will see a reduction in the monthly Fibre-to-the-Home fees of up to 40%+. i.e. Vumatel’s 1000Mbps download/ 100Mbps upload as an example will only be R1,199 per month.”

Covid-19 has an unparalleled impact on our society and our economy. In terms of the Internet of Things (IoT), there are strong indications that many technologies will see accelerated adoption in the coming years with people becoming more digitally minded as they embrace technology while forced to work from home.

Jarryd Chatz added, “Working from home may just become the new norm for many industries and Business ISP’s like us are in the unique position to be are able to offer lower connectivity costs to our business customers and partners staff’ that embrace IoT and working from home.”

BitCo Fibre-to-the Home Corporate and business partner packages:

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