Fibre Promotion Extended!


BitCo Extends it’s Fibre Promotion


Due to a growing demand for Fibre connectivity, BitCo has decided to extend its Premium Uncapped Business Fibre promotion to the end of July 2016. The promotion is specifically aimed at new business clients and offers convenient business connectivity.


BitCo’s managing director Jarryd Chatz says there has been a huge interest in the Fibre promotion. “We find that once businesses migrate to Fibre, their efficiencies increase dramatically due to the speed and reliability of the Fibre connection.”


The Premium Uncapped Business Fibre promotion ranges from R4 995 (excluding VAT) per month for 10Mbps and R5 995 (excluding VAT) per month for 20Mbps. All BitCo Fibre has a 1:1 contention ratio for both local and international connectivity. It is fully synchronous, future proof and easily upgradeable. It also includes free VPBX extensions equivalent to the line speed chosen and is limited to 100 extensions.


“We offer Fibre as a last mile Internet solution to businesses that essentially rely on the use of the Internet to operate. Small or large, if your business relies on the Internet, a BitCo Fibre Internet connection is the answer,” he explains.


Although Fibre could take up to 6 months to too be installed, BitCo will deploy a temporary licensed frequency microwave technology link as an interim solution (line of sight dependent). This will ensure that businesses are connected within 2 – 3 weeks after successful application.


“We always offer guaranteed 99% uptime because we believe in providing our customers with Premium Internet services to suit their business requirements,” he concludes.


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