Benefits of VOIP and remote working

VoIP refers to Voice-over-Internet protocol which allows online phone calls with or without video and is a fast-evolving technology enabling communication in ways never thought possible before. The benefits of VoIP are numerous and offers great flexibility and enables optimal productivity for organisations. Using VoIP includes benefits as discussed below:

Remote working is easier

In previous years, allowing any member of an organisation to work remotely was almost unheard of but as of the 2010s, freelancers, contractors, and full-time employees were increasingly working from a home base. Hardware and software have overcome security issues and scheduling problems which necessitated having a workforce adhere to specific working hours.

VoIP technology and the Cloud made information is much more accessible. Telephone systems are hosted in the cloud meaning that all employees need is an Internet connection. Additionally, SaaS or ‘Service as a Software’ enables organisations to host all the necessary software with the help of the cloud. These facilities combine to make remote worker management easier than it has ever been before. 

Working on the Go

Modern employees have the option of working both from their mobile devices and their personal computers and thus there is no compromise of employees’ personal lives or need take a sick day for a medical appointment. This allows employees to catch up on work during their downtime and the long durations in waiting rooms becomes more productive.

Employee Benefits

When a company allows employees to work from home, it may lead to happier and thus more productive employees. It may also allow for international employees who may be more hardworking than local ones.

Employees may also save on many financial and emotional costs when working from home while reducing stress because of less time used for taxing daily commutes to work. It would also reduce the wear and tear on modes of transport and companies would save on transport allowances as well. 

Increased Productivity

A happier workforce is a more productive one and since VoIP ensures that employers can convey their instructions effectively remotely, employees can enjoy the benefits of working from home more productively. Additionally, with less office politics to deal with, employees may be more mentally relaxed and would be able to give their work more attention. Hence, the use of VoIP would mean that employees are working with less mental distractions.

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VoIP technology enables employers to employ, many professionals in content writing, graphic design, and other business prepared areas who work on their own terms. This means companies could get high-quality workers without having to give them a huge benefits package or competing with other organisations. The Work from Home benefit is accepted by the millennium generation and seasoned older employees who have established their career and are looking for more flexibility.


With more volatile markets and global competition VoIP systems enable companies to be more flexible and have changeable structures as demands increases or decreases.

Working across Locations

In some industries business organisations need their employees to travel for meetings, conferences, and even research. VoIP is a workable tool for connecting everyone and makes for easier and more accurate updates. VoIP enables companies and their employees to have the same number even when they work form several different locations. 


VoIP video conferencing allows employees to connect remotely and meet with their team members and clients without leaving home. VoIP video conferencing also ensures that team members stay connected and instills have a sense of unity.

Reporting and Monitoring

VoIP has a tracking feature which enables employers to monitor remote workers and measure their productivity of with several reports every day, month, or year. Customers’ responses can also be monitored and reported which is useful for the adjustment of strategies and incentives.


VoIP is highly applicable in the modern world and encourages companies to step into the fold and update their systems to keep up with the changing times. VoIP could end up replacing the traditional forms of phone systems and companies can look forward to smoother processes, happier workforce, and hence higher revenue and sales. 


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