Ark Animal Centre Visit from BitCo-Cares

Ark Animal Centre pleasantly surprised with a visit from BitCo-Cares

We often underestimate the importance of giving to abandoned animals and forget how much they contribute to a healthy ecosystem. BitCo-Cares understands this. Little pups and mommy dogs were jumping about with joy as they received love from the BitCo-Cares team on Saturday the 11th of November.

The Ark Animal Centre is a shelter to over 100 dogs and puppies, most of which are saved from the streets. The organisation is non-funded and requires all the help they can get to feed the animals and get them medical care. They also make some money from charging R50 per visitor. What makes this centre even more delightful to visit, is that they allow adoptions. Giving the dogs an opportunity to live in a loving home and make new friends.

BitCo-Cares donated food, puppy milk, blankets and toys to the animals. In addition, they spent time with them – playing and teaching some new tricks. One of the team members, Alét Herman said, “Giving back and having fun at the same time made it a truly fulfilling day.”

The team had another initiative in conjunction with Ark Animal Centre. They discovered an organisation that distributes food to pets in the townships (Pet Empowerment in Townships). They also received donations.

Visit the Ark Animal Centre website:

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