5 Tips on how to control your home Fibre access

Having a home Fibre connection is not seen as a luxury anymore, but rather as a necessity in a digital-based world. Times have changed drastically in the last decade or so, and almost everything we do is digitally-based. Working from home has never been easier; all you need is a good internet connection and access to the cloud so you can store your files and data online. We can stay connected to friends and family during the day with the use of an internet connection. We can order food, groceries or gifts online, and we can even control our home security when we are not physically there to protect our homes. A home Fibre connection has certainly made our lives a lot easier. However, it can also be quite dangerous if your internet connections are not secured and it is therefore important that you control exactly who has access to your connection.

Restricting your Fibre internet access can help you manage who connects to your home Fibre. This is important because if you have a capped internet connection, you may lose data when others access your internet, and it may lead to you running out of data towards the end of the month.  Having someone access your internet may also lead to your home connection being throttled or shaped for certain uses or during certain times, because the person who is accessing your line may misuse it. By setting restrictions on your internet access, you are also ensuring that all of your data and files stay safe and secure.

You can restrict access to your home Fibre connection during certain times of the day, like when you are at work or away, so that no other devices can use your connection. The internet can be a dangerous place because anything can be uploaded and shared to it without much control or censorship. If you have children, it is important to keep an eye on them while they are accessing the internet, because you never know what they may find. Giving them access only when you are home will help you to monitor what they use the internet for, as well as the sites that they visit.

Another way to control the users and devices that access your home Fibre internet connection is by regularly changing your password to our internet connection. It is relatively easy to figure out the password for someone’s internet connection, which will enable them to connect and stay connected to your Fibre without you even knowing about it. Changing your password makes it more difficult for someone to hack your connection, and will automatically kick anyone off of your Fibre to the home connection.

You can also restrict access to your home Fibre connection by targeting the IP addresses of devices specifically. There are many articles online that take you through the process of doing this step by step. Locking someone out by blocking their IP address is a great way to permanently lock them out of your connection, as this is something that they cannot change on their device.

Creating a login and password that guests can use when they visit is another way to control who accesses your home Fibre connection. Knowing how long your guests will visit enables you to set a time limit to their connection as well. When the connection time limit has been reached, their connection will be terminated.

In addition to blocking any outside connection to your home Fibre, and blocking certain users and IP addresses, you can also restrict which websites and applications are accessible with your connection. Many websites and applications can be dangerous to your children, some can slow down your internet speed, and some can be malicious and lead to your connection security being compromised. You can block access to certain websites or applications through your router.

BitCo offers a wide range of home Fibre packages that are suitable for your home connection needs. All of our packages are uncapped, unthrottled and unshaped, and we offer 24/7 assistance and support to all of our customers. We only offer a month-to-month agreements, meaning that if you are unhappy with our service, you can cancel at any time.

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