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14 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Virtual PBX

Virtual Private Branch Exchange (VPBX), Cloud PBX or Hosted PBX refers to a cloud or hosted PBX solution. In contrast to a traditional, hardware-based and on-site PBX, it is software-based, meaning that you are getting rid of large on-site equipment. You will maintain the feature-rich functionality and reliability of a traditional PBX system, and save costs on hardware by moving your system to the cloud. BitCo’s cloud-based Virtual PBX platform is hosted South Africa’s leading data centres. 

Choosing the right system for your new business is an important choice since it will allow your customers to get hold of you whilst maintaining a professional image. We suggest that you ask the following 16 questions in choosing the best VPBX to fit your needs: 

  1. Do you have a phone number for your business or want to keep your current number?

You need to decide if it is worth the effort to keep your current phone number or add another number. Consider if your current number is used in marketing material and your website and the difficulties you will face to change it. Numbers can be ported if required. 


  1. Where are your customers located?

Choosing a phone number or numbers is influenced by where your customers are located. This is specifically the case if you want to achieve a local presence in communities you serve, but are not physically in. 

  1. Do you need a toll-free number?

For a business serving customers across the country or globe, a toll-free number may be beneficial since it can help a small business appear professional while allowing your customers an easy and free way to get in touch with you.. Do you need a local number?

Should you wish to have a local presence in a particular community, a local number may be what you need. 

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  1. Do you want a vanity number?

Vanity numbers are any keywords or phrases that best represent your business. Using a vanity number such as 0800-best buy, may give customers an easy way to remember your phone number.  

  1. Do you work out of an office, home or anywhere it pleases you?

VBPX makes it easy to connect if you work out of an office or your home or your favourite coffee shop. You can forward calls to your cell phone, letting you decide whether to send them to voicemail or take the call.

  1. Are you often on the go?

If you do a lot of local travelling and are seldom in the office, calls can be forwarded to whatever number you choose and voicemails are sent as emails to your smartphone.

  1. Do you work internationally?

If you travel outside South Africa, you can choose a phone system that forwards calls to international numbers.

  1. How many employees do you have?

The number of employees in your company will influence your choice of how large your phone system needs to be both in terms of extensions and minutes.

  1. Do you plan on expanding your staff numbers the near future?

Scalability is an important consideration if you plan on growing your company. As your business grows, you should be able to set up voicemail boxes for all employees, and get additional extensions and an uncapped plan that is affordable.

  1. Do you have a support or sales team?

If you have a sales team, a virtual phone system will allow you to set up departmental extensions. 

  1. What type of phone are you currently using?

If you use different types of devices, whether they be a business phone, cell phone or home phone, a VPBX will allow you to take your calls on any phone.

  1. How many minutes do you use a month on business calls?

Your minute plan should be determined by the number of extensions and your usage.

  1. Do you see this increasing?

Should you use more minutes than anticipated and your minute usage is increasing, you can change plans at any time. An uncapped VoIP  plan is the most affordable option.

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