Internet Speed

Why knowing your internet speed is important, and what to look out for

Being connected in today’s day and age is extremely important. Not only do we need to stay in touch with our friends and family, but we run our businesses and connect with our clients throughout our day. It is extremely important to stay connected.  What use is it if we have an internet connection, but it is slow or ineffective? If you are planning on getting a Fibre internet line, you might as well get one with the best internet speed to ensure that your connection is the best possible.

The internet speed of the Fibre line you get is one of the most important deciding factors when you are choosing a home connection solution. The speed of your connection determines how fast your internet downloads and uploads content. If the speed is slow, your downloads and uploads will take a while to get to you. There are various line speeds available and the one you choose will depend on what you are planning on using your connection for.

Generally, upload and download speeds are different. An internet download speed refers to the time it takes for the data you are downloading to get to you from the internet servers.  Internet connections are designed to download faster than they upload, so your download and upload speeds will generally differ. The upload speeds refer to the time it takes the data to be uploaded from your device to the internet servers.

The speed of your internet line would depend on what you would need it for. If you are going to do general internet surfing, email checking and the odd download or upload, a smaller line would be more suited for you. However, if you plan on working from home and would require a high-quality, consistent, fast internet upload and download speed, you’ll need to go for a higher speed line. If you choose a slower internet speed and you are planning on doing constant uploads and downloads, you may get frustrated with poor performance. In this case, if you want to stream content, a line of 10Mbps is generally good for SD quality video streaming, 20Mbps is good for standard quality videos and 50+Mbps is good for HD video streaming.

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When you are searching for a Fibre to the home package that suits your needs and pocket, make sure you do enough research about your internet service provider. Check their reviews and ask as many questions as needed. Many providers fail to stick to their promises and customers end up paying for high-speed lines, but not receive the service and connection they are paying for. They over promise and under deliver, and so try to cut corners when it comes to Fibre line speeds. Make sure you do enough research and that you understand the packages they offer before you commit.

The best way to check whether you are getting the line speed you are paying for is to do a speed test to determine your line’s upload and download speeds. Often times, internet providers may supply you with line speeds that are just under what you are paying for, and this is generally accepted, but if your speed tests give you results that are much lower than the line speed you are paying for, you will need to get in touch with your ISP to find out what the problem is and how they can deliver on their promises.

Home Fibre connections generally seek to provide you with the fastest possible internet speeds with a well-kept connection. BitCo offers a variety of home Fibre packages with different speeds. We pride ourselves in supplying our customers with what we promised. We encourage our customers to do regular speed tests on their home Fibre lines in order to ensure that they are receiving what they are paying for, and we are always available to assist with any queries or issues.

Check your home coverage here and let us help you guide you into which Home Fibre line you should be using!

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