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Understanding the difference between BitCo premium Business Fibre and Home Fibre

There are many different kinds of internet packages available today. Aside from having to choose a reputable service provider, you also need to know what kind of internet package is best suited to you, and you need to be aware of all the bells and whistles that come with each package before you can make an informed decision. One of the most significant things that will determine which package you choose, is whether you need a Home Fibre connection or a Business Fibre connection.

There are a few fundamental differences between Fibre packages for business versus Fibre packages for home. Some of the basic differences that you need to take into consideration are:

  • Speed – Business line speeds generally range from 10 – 1000 Mbps, whereas a home would only require a line speed of about 10 – 200 Mbps.
  • Users – A business will require an internet connection line that enables hundreds of users to be online simultaneously without affecting their line speed. This is known as contention. The lower the contention ratio the better. The best in the market is a 1:1 contention ratio. A home line is contended therefor when multiple devices are connected to the WiFi the line speed will reduce per device.
  • Usage – What you would use the internet connection for will determine what kind of package you should take. Home internet is usually used to access basic internet and emails, stream videos and/or programs, and download or upload once in a while, where a business line would be needed for all of the above, as well as video conference calls and allow real-time cloud access. The line should be able to function optimally with 100+ users doing all of the above, and therefore a home would not need the same internet package than a business.
  • Price – In the case of Fibre, you get what you pay for. Price is not only dependent on the line speed. You need to ask yourself questions about service and support, is the service uncapped, shaped, uncontended, what are the terms and conditions, etc.
  • Downtime – Businesses will have very little or no internet downtime than homes. This is due to service level agreements between businesses and providers, as well as the fact that businesses do not share bandwidth with other homes and so the lines or connections would not get over-crowded.

The above are basic differences between basic home and business Fibre packages that will give you a better indication of what kind of package would be best suited for your needs. BitCo offers a variety of business and home Fibre packages, but they are also different in what they offer. Here is a quick breakdown that will help you narrow down your search for the best package for you, quicker.

BitCo Business vs Home Fibre Packages


Business Fibre can be trenched 180 meters from the nearest live Fibre, whereas with home Fibre, should Fibre not be installed into a complex or street. Fibre internet would not be feasible until it is made available in that area.


Business Fibre installation can be a long process and is based on location. The average lead time is approximately 6 – 8 months. This is due to the process involved with infrastructure planning, engaging with local municipalities, digging and trenching. If your business is within one of our smart communities, lead times are considerably lower at approximately 6 weeks. Home Fibre installation lead times are considerably lower at approximately 2 – 5 weeks. The Open Access Provider completes the installation into your home and BitCo activates and manages the internet service.

The Agreement

Business Fibre packages come at a contract of 24 or 36-month agreement options, whereas home Fibre is a month-to-month agreement.


BitCo offers several service level agreement options for business clients. You can select an option based on your support requirements. 24/7 support is also available to both our business and home Fibre customers.

Quality of Service

Quality of Service (QoS) refers to the capability of an ISP’s network to provide better service to selected network traffic/. BitCo maintains and manages the entire network. Therefore, we are able to guarantee a high level of performance for data flow and 99% operational uptime guarantee to businesses. Home Fibre is a best effort service. There are no guarantees on the quality of that data when it is delivered. All home Fibre ISP’s services are best effort.  

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Uncapped Internet

Uncapped means you have an unlimited amount of data available to consume. All of BitCo’s business and home Fibre packages are uncapped.

Fibre Speeds

Business Fibre line speeds range from 10Mbps up to 1000Mbps upload and download speeds. Home Fibre line speeds range from 10 Mbps – 200Mbps download speeds, and 2Mbps – 200 Mbps upload speeds.


Business Fibre packages offer national coverage, whereas home Fibre coverage is limited to areas where Open Access Providers have the infrastructure.


BitCo’s network is ring protected. Should a node go down or there is a break in the Fibre traffic will be re-routed via the ring to ensure that the internet does not go down for businesses. For home Fibre, there is no redundancy or ring protection. If there is a break in the Fibre, services will only be restored once the Fibre provider fixes the line (Best effort service).

Active Ethernet vs. GPON

For business Fibre, we offer one Fibre per client. Business customers do not share the pipe. Some home customers make use of a GPON network. This means that one Fibre is segmented or shared with multiple homes.

Uncontended vs. Contended

Business Fibre is uncontended. Uncontended means that you get a fixed connection speed regardless of how many other companies share the pipe.

The contention ratio is actually very important when considering what type of internet service is required. The higher the ratio the lower the maximum bandwidth will be, or the slower your connection will be. BitCo Fibre offers a 1:1 contention ratio on our Business Fibre services so we can guarantee a fixed connection speed regardless of the time of day that it’s being used or regardless of how many people/business’ share the pipe to the local exchange.

Home Fibre is contended. Contended means that speeds are not fixed and will fluctuate depending on how many devices are connecting.

If five people are connecting to the WiFi and are streaming, gaming, using social media, downloading, etc. Simultaneously, the speed may reduce for each person. The fewer devices connected the faster the line speed.

Check your home coverage here and let us help you guide you into which Home Fibre line you should be using!

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